Friday, February 14, 2014

The ides of February

Sweet Lies outfit for GENRE

Happy Valentine's Day, internets! I would normally not think either way about this day, but my daughter completely justified it to me this morning: "Mama, I love Valentine's Day because I love giving things to my friends." -- FINE, fine, it's all about the spirit of giving yadda yadda grumble how cute; now where's my chocolate?

At any rate, my pretty avatar is care of GENRE's fae edition, horns and wings and outfit and all. I dunno what to call this amalgam of fantasy stuff. Maybe she's an angel on vacation somewhere diabolical, and got a slightly sooty tan? "Sorry about the horns, Father. They seemed like a good idea at the time..." When GENRE opens, you can check out this pretty dress there, and also this awesome flower from Roawenwood:

And one from Genre!

Horns: MV underdark unseelie horns - hobgoblin for GENRE
Dress: Sweet Lies Ice Fae outfit (including jewelry and wings) for GENRE
Skin: MIA14 EMBER skin in litegrey, with blue brows
Hands and feet: Slink prosper/flat feet
Lipstick: Miasnow Candy Clown makeup with deep blue lips
Hair: Calico Elisa
Flower: {Roawenwood} Laid Back Lily - Blue

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