Thursday, February 20, 2014

Space hippie

Spiny mood

It's tough to keep life balanced when you have a lot of hobbies outside of the daily grind, isn't it? I know every single Second Lifer must feel this pull, between all the NECESSARY stuff (working, cleaning, caretaking, eating, exercising) and all the FUN stuff (playing around in SL or whatever). I try to get all of the important stuff done before doing the other, but sometimes it's impossible, and I end up staying up til 2 AM trying to get the fun-work done. Then Thursday morning rolls around and I am full of DO NOT WANT. Anyway.

I had to put on this awesome new shirt from Plastik to break up all the Futurewave stuff I've been blogging lately. I love how hippie it is, and with the right size, it layers over this cool skirt from fashionably Dead. I hope everyone survives to the weekend!

Glasses: ISD DarkNet headgear in purple for Futurewave
Eyes: Chop Shop The Orchids in blue for Futurewave
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Troiian Empress in cosmic rain
Hair base: booN vine shaved hair base in purple
Skin: MIA14 Ember in white
Lipstick: Buzz satin lips in obsidian
Shirt: Plastik Dacia top in Trina
Shoes: fashionably Dead space shoes in vintage gold
Skirt: fashionably Dead comet tail skirt in purple stars
Necklace: ImmateriA san la muerte choker
Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ cocoa merricat tattoo
Nails: Biensen + Maitai Halloween nails

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