Monday, February 17, 2014

Space fairies, baby

Space fairies (1)

I managed to catch a wild Jackal the other day and chat with her; she was fresh from a real life journey to a certain crazy American town. She said, “After seeing Las Vegas, I completely understood Second Life!” She’s right; Second Life makes about as much sense as the collision of everything that is LV. In that spirit, here are my avatars today…

GENRE is happening, FUTUREWAVE is happening, and I am an official blogger for both. I decided that therefore my avatar is simply going to be a space fairy, the best of both worlds. It would work in Vegas, baby.

Space fairies (2)

Red space fairy:
Mask: Chimeric Fashions flower mask for Genre
Eyes: BF digital eyes in Jade for futurewave
Hood: Renegade Balaclava in black with hood up
Outfit: Stuck Products Electric Druid for Futurewave

Green space fairy:
Eyes: Chop Shop The Orchids in green for Futurewave
Helmet: Katat0nik (green) space kitty helmet for C88
Lips: Beautiful Freaks heavy metal lipstick in jade for Futurewave
Dress: MetaTheodora Star of Venus in Emerald for Futurewave
Skin: Pink Fuel Sora (alabaster) in red
Purse: Hate Me and Eat Me Buffy Clutch

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