Thursday, January 16, 2014

Old friends

Violet, Kat and I

Last night I got to see Violet Voltaire and Katat0nik for a little while. They were hermiting around just like me, so I tugged them over for a reminiscing session. We talked about high prim counts and ancient builds and how we all met. I think I picked up Violet at Curious Kitties, and I met Kat at the release of her very first dress. (I still own that dress! I should dig it out of my wardrobe sometime.)

I have not one but two outfits for you today because I totally changed my mind. Both credits are below.

Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild traditional lace up dress shoes
OUtfit: ImmateriA Lord Ruthven jacket and pants
Glasses: DECOmpose mesh atomic sunglasses in silver
Hair: Taketomi Masato in blonde01

My and my birdhouse

Pierce: Ellabella rondure in copper-garnet
Boots: JD Trenton Boots in blue for Men's Dept.
Sweater: Etham - Max Sweater in blue for Men's Dept.
Skin: Clef de Peau: Joshua in blond for Men's Dept.
Glasses: SORGO Teflon shades in gold
Bag: fashionably Dead girly satchel in taupe for C88
Scarf: fashionably Dead Fuzzy Wrap in light brown for C88
Hands: Slink relax
Ears: Aitui mesh stretched ears - 1"plug
Hair: INK hair - Hiyar in baige
Pants: Chronokit cropped sarrouel pants in striped brown
Birdhouse: ~silentsparrow~ Birdhouse in Your Soul - Leafy/Drift/Bird/Pole
Birdie: (Bloo) Corbie Plush Crow - Happy! w/Caw ~silentsparrow~

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