Friday, January 24, 2014

Meeting in the desert

fD power suit!

Do you listen to Welcome to Night Vale? We've been fans for the past half year, perhaps. My family listens to the show on our way to school and work, and it gives a surreal and macabre cast to the normal events of the world. I quite like the way ordinary things like PTA meetings are made interesting by the addition of glowing clouds and shadow governments. Makes me kinda wish our own PTA was like that.

Toast Bard recently came out with a really cool set of new releases for fashionably Dead. We discussed the releases last night, and I mentioned how nice it was that it felt like a coherent collection, right down to the different outfit components (detachable peplum!) and the way each piece blends with the others. I'm working my way through them, but so far I 80s-love this power suit. Shoulder pads, so pointy, so under-rated!

Hair: lamb lovage in ink
Purse: fasionably Dead jewel clutch in blue
Necklace: fashionably Dead liquid metal collar in earth
Suit: fashionably Dead power suit in white
Earrings: hate me and eat me filippa earrings in gold/violet
Eyes: Rui lotus eater eyes in lilac
Skin: Miasnow Candy clown skin with doll lashes, black lips and teeth
Shoes: Ingenue Maryse heels in black for slink feet
Hands: Slink prosper

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