Friday, October 18, 2013

Haunted by bats

Horror Haute post 3 (1)

I am leaving for Denver and and chancy wifi, so I might or might not be online for the next five days. Still, I wanted to post one last look from before I fly, and also, well, these adorable Fledermaus plushies from ~silentsparrow~. Katat0nik skin! I love it, she makes the macabre so damned cute! Also, this dress is my last look from Horror Haute. It goes with a camera, and is meant to be used for ghost hunting.

Enjoy the next few days in SL! I'm going to miss it at this particular time of year.

Horror Haute post 3 (2)

Poses: Uncertain Smile Killer Poses with knife props
Cuffs: GSpot Monster cuffs in mixed
Eyes: Rue Lotus Eaters in green gold
Necklace: Ellabella Phantasm Necklace - Ghost One
Bats: Silentsparrow Fledermaus Batty Plus, shoulder and head
Projector: Pretense web projector

Horror Haute:
ImmateriA Photographing Ghosts Dress

Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1 BL
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Overknee boots in snakeskin black/pink
Hair: Magika Early in crazy colors
Hands: Slink hands - elegant
Hair ribbon: Honey Kitty hair ribbon
Collar: Schadenfreude Heortecaeg collar
Makeup: Katat0nik white/blush Dia de los Muertos makeup

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...

Horrorfest post 2 (2)
But here's my number. Call me, maybe?
I'm wearing a bunch of things from Horrorfest and Horror Haute. In fact, while you wait for Horrorfest to open (tonight at 11:59 SLT), why not run around and check out the fabulous offerings from Horror Haute? I really dig this little red dress and purse below. It's as if a mall girl got lost while looking for the bathroom one day and Never. Emerged. Also from Horror Haute is my bracelet, a gatcha item (you can see it better in the larger size of the photo), and the camera, which is part of a different outfit.
Credits for both these outfits are below. Happy Horrible Season, the most awesome time of the year!
Horror Haute post 2 (2)
Horror Haute post 2 (1)
Outfit one:
GSpot: Monster cuffs in orange
Eyes: Rue Lotus Eater: Lilac
Skin: yumyums Creepy Doll Alli skin with cleavage
Necklace: ellabella Phantasm Necklace - Ghost One
Corset: Schadenfreude Underbust Corset in Bloody Dompteuse
Chainsaw: SongBird Bubba's Best Friend in orange - bloody
Web projector: Pretense Web Projector
Piercings: CoLL Juno Facial Piercings
Tattoo: Aitui Love is Blind
Thigh tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Die Die, My Darling
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Phoebe Lace-up boots in red
Lingerie: Luxuria Cherie Lingerie in tangerine
Teeth tattoo: My Uglydorothy teeth2 from The Bad Lady
Poses: Marukin
Lashes: MC Falsies with hud
Hair: Clawtooth Be My Girl in Sunset

Horrorfest post 2 (1)
Outfit two:
Coffinshelf: [] Dead Mans Bookshelf
Eyes: Rue Lotus Eater: green gold
Skin: yumyums Creepy Doll Alli DB
Projector: Pretense Web Projector
Horror Haute:
Camera: from the ImmateriA Photographing Ghosts set
Piercings: CoLL Juno piercings
Dress: Czarny Kanarek morning Love mesh dress
Tattoo: Little Pricks Dark has a path
Bracelet: W&R Boobracelet - #07 Rare
Purse: W&R This is Halloween - Bag - Goth
Hair: fashionably Dead Mars Side Swept in Orange 5
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Alisha Lace Booties in black
Hands and feet: SLink

Sheaves of wheat in cement relief

Horror Haute (1)
October. I used to love you with an unmitigated love because you are full of all the things I especially dig, like the color orange, and pumpkins, and Halloween, and a feeling that the world is about to transform into something magical.
Now I realize that October is also about sobering reality. It's a month of reversal, when the stuff that I really don't want to think about emerges and dances on Samhain night for all of us to see. Hello, skeletons in my closet, secrets buried deep, tendrils of Chthonic horror. I guess it's their month too. In honor of the magical and the macabre, this month's Horror Haute is all about Tim Burton. Here's a little taste...
Horror Haute (2)
Horror Haute (3)
Horror Haute:

  • Hat: LD Tim Burton Homage - Witch Hat - Green (gatcha)
  • Dress: Skindustrial Bodyworks Jack's Nightmare Dress
  • Piercings: CoLL: Juno ear, nose, mouth & bindi
  • Boots: The Little Bat Beetle Boots/Grey
  • Necklace: The Little Bat Chained Cabochon / Strange RARE
  • Lamp: LD Pumpkin Socket Lamp
  • Creepy clown: LD Mister Candy Clown /rezz
  • Bowl: LD Nightmare Before Christmas Candies Urn


  • Rue: Eyes/Lotus Eater: Chartreuse
  • +Half-Deer+ Terror Table - Black/Black Legs
  • Poses: Pretense Dead Sexy

Fantasy Gatcha Carnival:

  • Triple neck chain: Suala shoulder silver chain
  • Bracers: The Forge viking bracers in steel

Wizarding Faire:

  • Skin: My Uglydorothy - The Bad Lady


  • Hands: Slink hands - Gesture
  • Tattoo: White Widow - Reign of Fire Dark
  • Hair: fashionably Dead - Moon Pigtails - Red 3
  • Lashes: MC Falsies lashes
  • Tights: Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake in black fishnet (vintage)
  • Poem: Beauty Supply by Lee Ann Brown

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Like some ancient star

Kustom9 (4)
I got sucked into the cuteness that is Kustom9, and have a new little furniture set for my plushies to hang out in while I'm at work. The Pwnies like the comfy carpet! This event has been covered by a lot of adorable bloggers. Some of my favorites are this post from Noir Gothly, and this one from Evangelical. You can check out all the stuff I didn't cover, there! The other thing I'm wearing that's had a lot of great press is this jacket from Rebel Hope. I'm so happy she's hopped into mesh, her textures are just getting nicer and nicer. This entire outfit was actually built around the colors of my necklace, a new one from Hate Me and Eat Me -- another shop that's just getting more creative as time goes on.
Kustom9 (2)
Kustom9 (3)

Kustom9 (3)

  • Lashes: *MC* Falsies eyelashes, upper
  • Tattoo: Silentsparrow hart, thistle & thorn tattoo
  • Jacket: Rebel Hope Sherry mesh Leather Jacket in white
  • Necklace: Hate Me and Eat Me - mafalda necklace in gold
  • Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio October Watercolors with freckles
  • Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears
  • Earrings: Illusions Lunarian Earrings
  • Piercing: Pekka Mille Unisex Piercing in gold
  • Headpiece: Balderdash - sticks and stones headpiece
  • Hands: Slink elegant
  • Polish: Flair set 103
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Ellie group gift hair
  • Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - Europa 05 A at Kustom9
  • Shoes: :::LP::: Glam_Studded Sneakers At Kustom9
  • Pants: tulip. Madeline Colored Jeans S Mustard
  • Poem: poem I wrote sitting across the table from you, by Kevin Varrone
  • *ionic* The mysteries of nature (frames)
  • *ionic* I'm a bird (chair)
  • *ionic* folkie carpet
  • *ionic* luz (lamp)
  • floorplan. dirigible sapling
  • (Prudence) Pwnie Standing ~silentsparrow~
  • (Caramel) Uni-ee! for Displaying ~silentsparrow~
  • (Zoe) Pwnie Holding ~silentsparrow~

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not a thing I'll know to miss

Hogwarts courtyards (4)
Yesterday, I chatted some with Cherelle about her latest totally cute set of [CIRCA] furniture for the Candy Fair. "You don't really look like the pastel type," she said, "How about beige?" I began to ponder color. I don't look pastel? I like pastel just fine, seem to be a little less Barbie and a little more Monster High. And those toads from the Wizarding Faire just don't seem to want to head back into my inventory...
The Wizarding Faire runs through October 20th, but I've given hard thought to applying for the RP. I've never RP'd in Second Life before. It seems like hard work, but perhaps worthwhile? As long as I could be a strict and cold-hearted Potions teacher, I'd be quite happy...

I can do pink (1)
Hogwarts courtyards (2)
I can do pink (2) .
Wizarding Faire:
  • Skin: Elysium - Lana - pale 02
  • Wreath: Elysium - Lana flowers - wizard edition red
  • Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui Heraldic Necklace - raven's wing
  • Shirt: Peqe Wizarding Sweater in pink
  • Toads: ::BB:: Wizarding Toads

Genre Steampunk event:
  • Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai Industrial Revolution in red, Slink fitted
  • Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Industrial Revolution 2.0 in gold - shiny

From Circa for the Candy Fair:
  • Rock candy stick - mint ice
  • [CIRCA] - "Candy Dreams" Lounge set

  • Pants: Aphorism Hipster Bootcut Jeans
  • Hair: fashionably Dead Moon Buns in Pastel 1
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eyes in red
  • Hands/feet: Slink, Elegant and Fist
  • Poem: Gone by Lia Purpura

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Are you ready for Horrorfest?

Horrorfest (1)
Horrorfest (5)
Horrorfest (3)
Horrorfest (6)
Horrorfest (2)
Horrorfest (4)
Horrorfest (7)

So much for Gryffindor

Slytherin (1)
Let me discuss my eternal love for Slytherin. When I began reading Harry Potter, I wondered why the narrator's voice was so obviously prejudiced against Slytherin. After all, "evil" is not part of the house traits, which are "cunning, resourcefulness, and ambition." It troubled me that the house was painted as anti-mudblood, and of course it has the dark reputation of being the home house of Voldemort; despite that, I was won over by Draco Malfoy. He's a cold, ruthless, beautiful kid who dances around school rules with the precision of a born politician. And after seeing the movies, I developed the worst crush on his equally pretty father. Fine, it was probably that hair.
All creepy pureblood eugenics issues aside, I think that people who feel drawn to Slytherin feel like there's an essential tough-love honesty about it. You can admit that you're ambitious and smart, and that sometimes you can't wait around for someone to moan and groan about whether an action is "right" before you take it. Sure, the path of Occam's Razor is a sharp one, but perhaps a little evil ultimately results in a greater good. After all, Harry Potter was very nearly a Slytherin... and out of all the students at Hogwarts, he's the one that exhibits the greatest number of Slytherin traits. In which book has Harry NOT broken school rules, after all?
*COUGH* anyway. I am tickled to represent my favorite house today. A bunch of Gryffindor students wandered into my Student Teaching study, and they might've annoyed me just a little too much... But don't you like my new crop of pet toads?
Hogwarts courtyards (1)
Hogwarts courtyards (3)
Slytherin (2)
Hogwarts divination tower
Wizarding Faire outfit:

  • Tie: FATEplay - Donald Tie - Serpent - Loose
  • Wand: Swish and Flick by *BOOM* in Vine 12 inch
  • Pose: Miseria & Boom - Dueling 101 pose #05 and #06 Faire

Wizarding Faire furnishings:

  • ::BB:: Wizarding Toads of various sorts
  • B.C.C mignon wizard school Backpacks Green
  • FATEplay Scarf - Evans - (F) Serpent (K)(XS)
  • Collage - Wizarding Shelf
  • floorplan. wall pennant / serpent
  • floorplan. dirigible sapling

Other stuffs:

  • Jacket: Grasp Leather Biker Jacket 2012 (mesh) in python
  • Hair: Exile Far Behind LIght Blondes - at the Men's Department
  • Hands: SLink Male Hands in Closed and Relax
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eyes in Lime
  • Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Arcanist Shoes in black
  • Pants: Phunk BW Pinstripe Pants
  • Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel Freckles - Moles
  • Shirt: Schadenfreude White Oxford Shirt

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cracked harp of ribcage

Katat0nik things!

I adore seeing how other people style the same thing that I'm wearing. For example, a quick spin through Katat0nik's Flickr group shows that the "wishy woman" can be posh as well as magical. (Also, if you haven't added your Katat0nik styles to her group, please do so!) As for me, I think my avatar looks very much like Acha always looks. It's kind of amazing how personality imbues even the most rigid mesh shape with something unique. This dress and cape are at Collabor88.

  • Dress: Katat0nik Wishy Woman Dress in forest for C88
  • Cape: Katat0nik Wishy Woman Cape in old gold for C88
  • Pose: Marukin Gaze for C88
  • Bracers: The Forge Viking Bracers in Worn Bronze for FGC
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eyes in Teal Mae More
  • Ears: Illusions Fairy ears and Lunarian earrings
  • Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer - sugar and spice tattoo
  • Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1
  • Hands: Slink elegant
  • Lashes: *MC* Falsies Eyelashes
  • Hair: Clawtooth Woman of the Year in Blueberry Pie
  • Brows: Cupcakes in violet
  • Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio Spring Showers - Freckles
  • Staff: The Forge Aura Staff Common (black) from the FGC
  • Today's poem: My Skeleton by Jane Hirshfield

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Witch at play (4) 
 Today I wrote about a neat set of props from the Wizarding Faire over at It's Only Fashion.

I stand within her walls

White Widow boy makeup...
This post is mostly to show off this beautiful White Widow group gift boy makeup. This one is for October (I'm not sure if it's this October or last, actually), but I adore the delicacy of the design. It sits on Acha's cheeks without taking over his whole face, and brings out a lot of his tribal elf personality. The group is cheap to join, and you can immediately pick up a year worth of group gifts for men and women. Check out the shop here.
There are a lot of neat events going on right now that are male-avvie-appropriate, and I especially like what I've seen at the Men's Department. I'm wearing a tattoo and hair from that event, and have a few pairs of pants that are super comfy (not shown). "Low pants might flash my buttcrack, but at least my bits and pieces have room to breath," boy Acha says.

  • Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel Freckles - Moles
  • Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer - Phantograph - at the Men's Department
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant - Kawashima I hair - Male - Summer
  • Necklace: Okami Kanei Tsuho Necklace (gold) - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Leather thingie: PFC - The Hunter - Grizzly - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Chinlet: Aisling Dresh in black - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eye - Bashful Gidge
  • Ears: Illusions Sprite Ears, and Wrapped Cords for Sprite Ears
  • Face tattoo: White Widow Face Tattoo, October group gift
  • Today's title is from the poem America by Claude McKay.

Halloween decorations
Bonus: This is what my land looks like right now with the Tromp L'Oeil C88 cottage on it. I'm gearing up for my favorite holiday!