Saturday, October 5, 2013

Free*Style: A Witch and her Familiar

Free*Style - A Wtich and her Familiar

Helena Stringer posted for us both over on SL Free*Style today. Posting together felt so incredibly nostalgic -- I remembered back to when I'd post in Free*Style with Creamy, and we'd both look like nutjobs. Helena and I together are MUCH scarier! Thank you for the great post, Helena!  Link to the post: Free*Style: A Witch and her Familiar

All the world is blind

Illusions (1)

I woke up yesterday thinking of Siyu Suen's sim, Carnivale. It's gorgeous, a colonnaded manse on a high hill overlooking a prosperous bergher village. The feeling is most definitely Renaissance Italy during its best years. (Maybe I've been watching too much about the Medicis on History Channel.) The little village is full of shops as well, including one of my partner's -- Jackal's got a tiny Lassitude & Ennui just below the stairs to the village. I've danced in the rotunda for Siyu's twice-yearly fetes, and I really love how she provides context to her creations. There's a good reason to buy her beautiful masks to prepare for her parties!

I'm wearing a few Potter-themed necklaces today that I'd like to especially point out. One was from Allegory for FLF yesterday, reminiscent of a Petronus, a necklace with a stag emblem. The other two are from Jackal for the Wizarding Faire. The Faire begins soon, and I can't wait to see what's there!

Today's title is from the poem At a Dinner Party by Amy Levy.


Illusions (2)

  • Pants: ~silentsparrow~ (lust) gloomy suit jeans
  • Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Penny in Fades (1), not yet released
  • Bracers: The Forge Viking Bracers (copper) from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Necklace (lowest): Lassitude & Ennui Heraldic Necklace - banner - for the Wizarding Faire
  • Necklace (middle): Lassitude & Ennui Heraldic Necklace - snake eye - for the Wizarding Faire
  • Necklace (highest): Schadenfreude Wooden Hart Crest Necklace for FLF
  • Vest: Schadenfreude Courage Stripe Deep V Vest for FLF
  • Eyes: Frick Cruel Eyes for the Halloween dollarbie hunt
  • Makeup: Frick Maexxna Makeup in red (lighter) for the Halloween dollarbie hunt
  • Handses: Slink
  • Nailses: Frick Halloween polish for Slink hands for the Halloween dollarbie hunt
  • Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1
  • Poses: Marukin
  • Tattoo: vintage

Friday, October 4, 2013

A flank and scored shoulder

Preview of hair from Calico

There's almost too much stuff in my brain today, but this is a quick post to preview some amazing hair. My old friend Calico Ingmann has been quietly and professionally busting her arse to learn mesh (gosh, I wish I was this hard-working and dedicated), and has recently poured her skill into the above hair. Soon you will get to mess with all the beautiful colors and textures too; I admit that it ate a good half hour of my night because the headband and beads have so many options! I love how piratey this is without losing a bit of femininity.

Today is also FLF. I got many of the things, including the feathery necklace from Balaclava, above. I'm also using one of Kirin's FLF poses. Seraphim has posted a good list of FLF over here. I am also wearing a new dress from Rebel Hope; you can see the outfit in full at my Flickr.

Today's blog title is from the poem Incomplete Lioness by Linda Bierds. Read it here, if you like!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plucking something meant to grow


Here I am photographing an interior for a change, inspired by Gidge's post on It's Only Fashion. CIRCA sent me new things to add to my old CIRCA things, and because I adore all of Cher's creations, I took a look right away. (The other side of my room is full of gently shoved-aside furniture from the CIRCA gothic set. *cough*) First thing I did was look at the stuff for The Challenge. I almost fell over with glee -- see that table? The glass is held up with SKATEBOARD TRUCKS. I'm a skater IRL, and I WANT THIS TABLE. FOR MY RL HOUSE. It goes with the public transit theme quite nicely. The two benches look like they belong in an underground tunnel, and there's a public transit map and a wall decal to add to the ambiance.

The second thing that I unboxed was the Autumn Effect hunt gift. Wow, this is a gift? It's the set of glass-fronted bookshelf with a vase and gold-hued picture, at the back of my little room. You can also see leftover elements from the Constantine Gothic set hanging around. I left them in for a hint of reality. This is how I live!

The outfit. My eyes and makeup are new from the lovely Fricka Morgath. My nails are too, but I didn't get a decent photo of them. They are in honor of Halloween! The other outfit bits are from my ever-growing Fantasy Gacha Carnival folder, and I'm still in love with the event.

That's where I sat to rearrange furniture, so I snuck myself into the photo.

The bench animation is perfect for cuddling Pwnies


CIRCA "Underground" Subway - Modern Room Set - For The Challenge:
  • Skater Table in Hazel Wood
  • Subway Bench with singles 1 (six poses)
  • CIRCA - "The Ghost in the Mill" Book 1 (display)

CIRCA Autumn Effect Hunt Gift:
  • [CIRCA] - Hyde Park - Studio Cabinet & Fall Decor - in Nouveau
  • [CIRCA] - "Fallen" Autumn Print

CIRCA "Constantine" Gothic Furniture/Decor:
  • Gothic Curtains - 10 Fabrics on touch
  • [CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Frame - Antique Key - B&W
  • [CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Side Table - Silver/Blk Pulls
  • [CIRCA] - "Constantine" Tulip Vase - Black flowers
  • [CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Sconce - Fleur de Lis / Black 1
  • [CIRCA] - "Sun Spiral" Mirror - Copper
  • [CIRCA] - "Constantine" Gothic Area Rug - 10 Fabrics on touch

Other decor:
  • (Poppy) Pwnie Floppy ~silentsparrow~
  • (Sunny) Pwnie Standing ~silentsparrow~
  • Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Tiny the Elephant
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Old Books green/black/red - FGC

Non-Fantasy Gacha Carnival:
  • Shirt: ~silentsparrow~ chapiteau henley in cream
  • Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Song of Anubis tattoo in faded sepia
  • Pants: Plastik Castus in Sparkle
  • Horns: Plastik Camael Horns in Teal
  • Hair: Lamb Craft Spells in Left-Brained
  • Makeup: Frick October newness, Maexxna Makeup in red
  • Eyes: Frick Cruel Eyes in Red
  • Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1 BL
  • Hands and feet: Slink

Fantasy Gacha Carnival:
  • Bracers: The Forge Viking Bracers
  • Crown: Candy Crunchers - Spider Crown in black/white
  • Corset: 5&20 Huntress Corset in Red/Granite

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wind wrinkled our foreheads

Harrowdale (2)
Yesterday I was incredibly curious when Mari (TheBloggingElf) dropped me a landmark to her pretty Roleplaying sim, Harrowdale. I poked through my folder of stuff from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and found something appropriate and NOT EARTH TONED. This part was very important, because I'd hate to have anyone mistake me for an actually useful druidic-ranger type.
In my very unpractical clothing (I guess I could be some sort of magic user) I headed over to Harrowdale and found a wealth of Autumnal beauty. I am going to fill your feeds with photos of Harrowdale because it's just that lovely, and really, how better to celebrate my favorite month? I especially like the details of the sim, like the small tent village, the ruin on the hill, the little market carts all lined up to sell stuff to weary adventurers. If I could tear myself away from clothing for long enough to RP, I'd do it here. It's open to the public, go check it out!
Ah -- I was asked about windlight. I used Firestorm preset windlights on these, slightly sharpened in Photoshop. My light choices were July Light II and Places -- Abracadabra II.
Speaking of elves, have you guys seen the next trailer for The Hobbit? It made me smile so much yesterday that I broke my dimples. 
Harrowdale (6)
Harrowdale (5)
Harrowdale (4)
Harrowdale (3)
Harrowdale (1)
Harrowdale (last)
  • Armlets: The Library, from the Seven Sins outfit, Vanity
  • Crown: The Force, Toltek Headdress - ultra rare
  • Chin thing: Aisling Dresh in black
  • Necklace: The Forge, Boadicea's Necklace in red
  • Face thing: Keystone Catena Corona - red
  • Dress: The Library Antigone in Blush
  • Poses: Marukin
  • Sim: Harrowdale (Thanks, Mari!) 

Other credits:
  • Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears
  • Lashes: Schadenfreude Heavy Lash tattoo
  • Hands and toes: Slink
  • Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1 BL
  • Tattoo: White Widow - L'Amant, including crazy facial tattoo
  • Hair: Exile London Rain: wildcards
  • Bracelets: Tekeli-li Danae
  • Eyes: NP Lunar eyes in gold ​

Monday, September 30, 2013

How many stars in your bowl? 

Fantasy Gacha Carnival (9)
'Tis the night before the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and this is my last preview photo (soon I'll simply be wearing everything but there will be no "pre" about it). The items are all wonderfully evocative of far-off lands and adventure and hyperreality and epic quests and I'm excited! I'm also amused to be wearing what amounts to a few necklaces as an outfit. My mer-elf would definitely wear this to the sushi bar.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens October 1st!
From the Fantasy Gacha Carnival:
  • Head wings: Aphorism Head Wings - Gold - Rare
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Mummy Rot Eyes - void
  • Skin: DBF Meadow Elf Skin #2
  • Harness: LUAS ALLEGRA GOLD harness and nipple piercings - Gold - Rare
  • Bracelets and skirt: LUAS REDEMPTION bracelets and skirt in red
  • Face thing: Aisling Xanthe - N3 - Gold

  • Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears
  • Hair: Lamb Craft Spells - Moss
  • Tattoos: Vintage from Huz, Scaly
  • Feet and hands: Slink