Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great, hollow, bell-like flowers

Serenity Gardens (2)

A friend just died of lymphoma, of his stomach cancer.  He was a well-known young man, in a Swedish indie band, and a writer and journalist in his own right.  What he did for the world before he died was write about the process of being ill and dying.  He wrote about his utter longing for life, for children, for experiences, and about how his life drew closer and closer until it became just a hospital room, and then just his body.  His writing (in Swedish) is also about living and feeling as much as possible before death.

One moment he was vibrantly alive, and the next, he simply was not.  Recently, phisicists have begun rethinking the relativity of time.  It's actually one of the laws of the universe that does not change. One moment happens after the other, and despite Star Trek and Einstein, time cannot warp and bend.  Time is the real culprit, then. We can't bend time to slow down our childhoods, slow down our 20s, stretch out health and vibrancy as long as possible.

But SL has always been able to do that for me -- extend my youth and health in a way that's slightly creepy and yet very relieving. It gives my mind a way to step into a body that can fly and run and feel no pain. Last night, I went to visit Hybie's Serenity Gardens and I didn't feel out of breath, or even sneeze once.

I hope your weekends are joyous!

Serenity Gardens (4)

Serenity Gardens (4)

Serenity Gardens (5)

Serenity Gardens (5)

***Skirt: fashionably Dead gold pleated skirt for C88
***Shirt: tres blah short sleeve blouse in orange for C88
***Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1 for C88
***Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai Altitude shoes in brown for A Clockwork Spiral
***Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum catscratch eyes in saffron
***Hands and feet: Slink
***Makeup: Schadenfreude pumpkin sedusa makeup
***Leggings: vintage from The Closet
***Horns: Aisling Marangki in Old Moss
***Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos - Mystic 
***Hair: Lamb blush - Ink

***Sequins: Rust undereye sequins by Miss Shippe's Studio

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sheltering bars

Rainy morning

The heart of a woman falls back with the night,
And enters some alien cage in its plight,
And tries to forget it has dreamed of the stars
While it breaks, breaks, breaks on the sheltering bars.
- Georgia Johnson

Second Life has entered its usual teeming months of Autumn and Winter, and we're all wriggling into our pixel skins, reborn in this dim world; Second Life's Spring. Events come and go. Bloggers try their best to capture each moment and trickle them out, giving context to creation.  What are we but story-builders, taking imaginary things and giving them a moment of meaning?

I will take this off and become something else, but the context lives in this picture.  I'm wearing things that I love, from old friends! That's my context.


Gah. Such pretty shoes.

***Skybox: Milk Motion My Little Studio in Montmarte
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Alisha lace booties in black for The Boutique
***Mask: Material Squirrel Steampunk Plague Mask in Metal from A Clockwork Spiral
***Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1 from C88
***Necklace: fashionably Dead swept away necklace in silver for Designers United
***Purse: Bliensen   MaiTai Diesel Purse in Bordeaux at A Clockwork Spiral
***Panties and bra: Luxuria Cherie Lingerie in black
***Corset: Luxuria Chrie Underbust Corset in silver
***Feet: Slink female feet in medium barefeet rigged
***Hands: Slink Avatar enhancement hands in Elegant
***Hair: Lamb Falling in Ink
***Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos Rise Above
***Horns: Aisling Marangki Frozenwater from the store gatcha
***Leggings: G*Field rose lace leggings
***Shirt: ~silentsparrow~ tiger tiger chapiteau shirt set
***Nail polish, fingers and toes: Flair set 133

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jupiter will mostly wait for clouds

A Clockwork Spiral (1)

The title of this blog post is from a poem named "Anything can happen" by Seamus Heaney.  It talks about the suddenness of acts of God(s), about how the earth will rumble like thunder and split open, tumbling down buildings in a second, when really Jupiter should've just waited to thunder in the sky.

I think that's been my perception of life these past few years. The earth smiles; then, because of something vastly unknowable that operates according to rules that we can't even fathom, SOMETHING HAPPENS.  Cancer happens. Change. Tsunami. Earthquake. 9/11. Navy yard shootings. School shootings.  Such a catalog of grief.

What's the antidote?  I think the only antidote is art.  Pray as much as you like, but art (like Heaney's poem) will reach across the shattered ground and join two minds.

If I left SL feeling pointless, I've come back after two years remembering my point.  It's to ramble quietly to myself here in this unique space, and invite you to come along for the ride.

Halo (1)

A Clockwork Spiral (2)

Halo (2)

***Sim photo: A Clockwork Spiral (
***Dress: Rebel Hope Roxanne Mesh Leather dress in black
***Jewelry set: Ellabella Nahimana necklace and earrings
***Cheeky halo thing: Hate Me and Eat Me Fedora headpiece for The Couturies Docks
***Eyes: TSM Catscratch Eyes in WW LE - Teal Mae More
***Hair: Wasabi Pills donna mesh hair in Aquatic
***Tattoo: Plastik Haila Tattoo
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Sugarskull boots in black
***Makeup: Schadenfreude monarch vlinder eyes & cheeks, with glitter
***Hands and feet: Slink 
***Purse: Bliensen + MaiTai - Diesel in black for A Clockwork Spiral
***Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1 BL
***Mirror: "Square Hand Carved Wood Mirror"  Honestly I can't figure out who made it. I've had it for a while and inspecting it doesn't work.