Monday, December 23, 2013

Meditation room

Stuff and things (2)

I decided that since Gidge and Cajsa have been showing off their lovely Christmas decor, I would too. I'm still rocking my NEVA Captain House from a few C88's ago. I've taken down a lot of the walls because I like open floorplans, and the result has kept me feeling comfortable even though everything inside changes according to whim.

I recently obtained a lot of things from the Paper Moon gacha -- these gorgeous studded wall stars. They look industrial enough to suit my dwelling, and they'll do for my very Buddhist Christmas. The rest of the little room is a combination of office and meditation space. Did you know that I'm Buddhist? Real-life me, that is. I'm half Thai, so I'm kind of Buddhist by default. One of my favorite things from my mother's house is her Buddha room. In Thai houses, half of one room is usually devoted to collected statues of Buddha, alongside little containers to put incense and bowls for offerings. In SL, I try to spend a little time whenever I log in meditating. I find it keeps me grounded.

Also in this room is the well-used desk where I sit to write out every blog post by pencil. It's by Arcana for this round of GENRE, and I thought the spare yet antique style also suited the house. I do love Christmas -- in Thailand, we don't celebrate the birth of Christ part of it so much as the spirit of giving and loving family, and because of this, THANKS for lending us such a nice holiday! If you're curious, the rest of my house decorations are over here.

Stuff and things (1)

Stuff and things (3)

paper moon *pm* Lux Glacialis - Glitter - Gold - RARE and other colors
[CIRCA] - "Nature Hill" - Easel-Style Plant Shelf - Mix1/Beech
Arcana {A} Curio Desk for GENRE
Arcana {A} Curio Chair for GENRE
Alouette - Paint Cans - Multiple
Sway's picture frame - silver and gold for the advent hunt
*ionic* my little altar
Roawanwood{RW} Finding Bliss Meditation Table
+Half-Deer+ Deer Paintbrush Holder - Shabby Chic
POST / Metropol Cast Iron Floor Lamp

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