Saturday, December 14, 2013


Some things we never forget (2)

I have such a strange life right now. It's the holidays, and because of it, there's this harmonic convergence of all parts of my life into one greater weird whole. All the family from both sides are coming here, there's a huge wedding, and on top of that there's The Hobbit. I've alternated between frantic texts with my mom to prepare for the family onslaught, and texts with friends asking me about various bits of The Hobbit. (Yes, I'm the local expert.)

In Second Life, there's also GENRE and C88 and Arcade and Gothmas by Gaslight and the bijillion other stuff advertised on Seraphim. MY LORD. It's all overwhelming and wonderful, right? On the other hand, I can't help longing for a nice slow week at the height of summer when everyone's playing outside.

Speaking of playing outside, my avatar put on this outfit from Uncertain Smile for GENRE and clomped around Gothmas by Gaslight earlier today. It opens up tomorrow, and I hope everyone enjoys the pretty and cheeky build. PLEASE ALSO NOTE MY WONDERFUL TIGHTS from Frick! They're selling for mere pennies at her store.

But seriously, my fluffy hat.

Tights: Frick Winter Tights in Sugarplum
Lashes: MC Falsies
Hat: Milk Motion faux fur hat in beige deer for C88
Hair: LaViere Natsya/platinum for last C88
Choker and monocle: La petite morte accessories for Gothmas by Gaslight
Necklace: Roots & Wings Steampunk Poetry Necklace for Gothmas by Gaslight
Outfit: Uncertain Smile Poesie Noire in pink for GENRE
Skin: MIASNOW candy with deep purple lips and teeth
Eyes: MIASNOW shine red
Hands: Slink prosper and fist
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Jolenta boots in gold/cream
Cane: ANA_mations caneAO with cane (vintage)
I also did the same outfit in a sea coloring.

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