Thursday, December 19, 2013

Boy in blue

Hello! Today I took a break from all the Gothmas and GENRE items and went to Kustom9. (Dear Kustom9: I totally submitted a blogger ap and I think you turned me down, but look, I adore your items anyway!) This hat is especially nice, and I'm sure you've seen the version with "EXPLICIT" written across the front of it. I was in the mood for bright-ass blue, and it cheered me up entirely. (Acha, why is the photo resolution for these so poor today? Ah sorry, I took these pictures at 5 AM on my Mac, which can really only handle 3000px, while my family lay peacefully sleeping. I didn't wanna fire up the PC and wake up my husband...) Anyway. Kustom9, man.

Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel freckles - moles
Earrings: Gummies - Fox Earrings for Kustom9
Eyes: Song Xy Pumpkin Eye for Kustom9
Ring: Forsaken spooky cameo ring in biohazard for GXG
Hands: Slink relax
Pants: FAUX Celine Pants in blue
Hair: INK hair HIYA in baige, edited to fit the hat
Backpack: Zenith Rammus leather backpack in red
Jacket: 7Style the jacket for Kustom9
Hat: Renegade studded devil ear beanie in blue for Kustom9
Shoes: Grandeur RBK ex-hi-top in gray clean

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