Saturday, November 23, 2013

What do I do with all my cute stuff?

Shed of cuteness


  • (Sitting)(Roosevelt, Theo, Ursa, and Isobel) Teddy Bear w/Bow ~silentsparrow~ from FLF
  • / XIAJ / Elephant Vagabond (sky) from the Water Lantern Festival
  • floorplan. house poster
  • Balderdash-Saiygewood - Enchanted Grove -Winter m/t
  • [CIRCA] - "Snow Day" Winter Birdbath - touch for snow
  • =Zenith= Water lantern C(Red) gacha item for the Water Lantern Festival
  • Corgi! (Taffy) ~silentsparrow~ from a past Arcade
  • Corgi! (Sam) ~silentsparrow~ from a past Arcade
  • A.D.D.Andel! Garden Tool Shed-Aged Wood- Snow from FLF
  • (Sky)(plain) Dinny the Dino - Standing ~silentsparrow~ from a previous FLF
  • (Sun)(spots) Dinny the Dino - Saaad ~silentsparrow~ from a previous FLF
  • *katat0nik* #7 Snow Katty Doll

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