Saturday, November 9, 2013


Musiclandia (2)

Yesterday I explored the sim Musiclandia. It's a philosophical art installation, and the explanatory notecard was full of the theory of music. The notecard posited that the difference between music and noise is simply cultural, quoting the composer John Cage: "There is no noise, only sound." Cool. I wandered through the enormous instruments and listened to the interesting noise and thought: people sure are creative in Second Life. I especially liked staring at the rhinos with instruments instead of faces, standing as if to guard the entrance to the oversized grand piano. (Go check out Musiclandia here!)

Today I reveal to you that Bubbles Clawtooth chose me as one of his bloggers. I had to step up for the occasion, so I stuck his new C88 hair on my demonic boy avatar here, and now he looks FIERCE. (Go check out C88! Lol as if the sim is ever empty.)

Clawtooth hair (2)

Musiclandia (3)

Musiclandia (4)

Clawtooth hair (1)

  • Hair: Clawtooth Gun Street Girl - black eye at Collabor88
  • Necklace: Okami Kanei Tsuho necklace in gold
  • Face thing: Keystone Catena Corona in red
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch eyes in code red
  • Ears: Illusions Sprite ears
  • Ring: Ellabella Mecha Ring - ocean silver
  • Face piercings: Ellabella Blood red dermals at Enchantment
  • Horns: Schadenfreude Kinder Horns
  • Jeans: ~silentsparrow~ Aconite jeans (royal)
  • Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel - Freckles - Moles
  • Boots: DECO Legends - Mesh duck boots (dirt)
  • Tattoo: Ner .Ink Hard to Kill (2), face and body
  • Jacket: Razor Vacancy Hooded Jacket - glaoucous black at the Men's Department
  • Hands: Slink male hands relax

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