Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Watern Lantern Festival (3)

This morning I listened to NPR's Big Picture Science. The show was about superstorms and the impact of global climate change on typhoons. I learned that even raising the ambient temperature just a little directly impacts the temperature of water, which results in bigger storms. Monster storms are "heat engines," and anything that adds to climate heat increases the size, dangerousness, and intensity of the storm. I listened to the Philippines climate chief Yeb Sano address the UN council about climate change, begging the world to pay attention. He cried while showing people the pictures of his devastated country, and said that he would fast during the proceedings, until the UN came to an accord. Today is day nine of his fast, and the death toll is at 4,000 and rising.

Just last night I visited one of Second Life's Philippines Relief events, the Water Lantern Festival. Second Life has an amazing ability to use art to give healing and perspective, and while I walked around the water-washed sim, I tried to think about what to do. It's hard to motivate myself sometimes. Here I sit in a first-world country, at my comfortable desk, and I take for granted the solidity of the infrastructure around me. I spent money at this event (outfit below), but I feel deep inside of me that my feeling of safety and distance will not last forever; this is the first of many world changes to come, and some of them are going to be in my own yard. Our lives are going to change dramatically in the next fifty years. I want badly to be part of changing everything for the good.

SLURL to the Water Lantern Festival.

Water Lantern Festival (5)

Water Lantern Festival (6)

Water Lantern Festival (2)

Playing with Pixlr

  • Shoes: Slink Men's Casual Leather Slides in brown, group gift
  • Sweater and shirt: 2:00 PM Loose knit and shirt in brown, for the Water Lantern Festival
  • Hair: Dura Boys 47 in irish coffee
  • Hair base: INK KASE hairbase with brown sideburns and roots
  • Face tattoo: White Widow october group gift for men
  • Ears: Aitui stretched ears 1 with wood plug pack
  • Pants: DROP casual pants in ivory
  • Skin: The shop formerly known as Cupcakes Dreamboat skin in tan with blond beard
  • Feet and hands: Slink male feet and hands
  • Horns: Aphorism antler horn from the last round of FGF
  • Septum piercing: ancient dollarbie

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