Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A tux and a suit

Horrorfest dude (2)

We're lucky that Horrorfest didn't stop after Halloween. It's giving us a proper sendoff into the dark time of the year, and it ends on November 8th. I finally had a chance to pause for a breath after the opening of Enchantment and the Noble New England sim (and Nanowrimo), and unpacked a few more of these cool boxes of goods.

Today I'm wearing two different jackets from Avatar Bizarre. I quite like the mesh tuxedo with its hint of red brocade, paired with a top hat. It's a full tuxedo including shoes and pants, although those are not shown. I also liked this sepia jacket (the Jabberwocky Suit) from the same shop. The texturing on the jacket was great and really suited my boy avvie. I chose to wear it without the tails, and with my own jeans and shoes, although it comes with boots and pants too.

I'm especially proud of my makeup today, a group gift from White Widow. My jewelry is from Ellabella. I think I look boyish yet pretty, which is really my point with my boy avvie. I hope everyone's Tuesday goes well!

Horrorfest dude (1)

Horrorfest dude (3)

Tux look:

  • Hat/coat/shirt/tie: Avatar Bizarre Harker Tux
  • Glasses: SORGO STEAM shades in black-gold from the Men's Department
  • Hair: Exile Far Behind light blondes
  • Hands: Slink Male Hands
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum catscratch eyes in bashful Gidge
  • Ring: Ellabella Mecha Ring in Ocean Silver
  • Cane: T.King steampunk victorian midnight brass cane
  • Pants: ~silentsparrow~ men's gloomy jeans
  • Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel - freckles - moles

Suit look:

  • Piercings: Ellabella Homeostasis 3
  • Scarf: Vintage from The Closet. I miss that shop.
  • Coat/shirt thing: Avatar Bizarre Jabberwocky Suit for Halloween
  • Hair: Exile Akio in Fawn
  • Ears: Illusions sprite ears with wrapped cords
  • Face tattoo: White Widow September Gift for Men

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