Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The lady with the guitar is sad

Athens Asylum (3)

Last night I was all alone in the bedroom with no company but the sound of the computer clicking and whirring, and went to explore Athens Asylum. I stepped onto the first floor and was struck by the feeling of being haunted. Have you ever had this feeling? I've had it in RL every so often, mostly when I'm in an old place, feeling as if a lot of stray energy from the past is hanging around and bumping against the present. I get it especially at my grandmother's house, a house that's been in the family for four generations. It feels like breath on the back of my neck, or a lot of eyes in the walls, or simply THINGS near me.

I didn't expect to get the feeling this strongly from a Second Life build, but I did. The obviously gross items weren't all that frightening to me, but the abandonment and decay were. Perhaps the setting was evocative of the intense sorrow and angst of psychological pain, or perhaps the narrow hallways and dirt and broken things were simply too much. I wandered to the basement, and up to the roof, and then just couldn't handle it. I'm not sure how long I was there, but it, um, wasn't long at all.

Then I went back to my safe, bright little skybox, put on some items from Horrorfest, and imagined a little scenario inspired by the asylum.

"My mommy told me that I'm a pretty, pretty princess," I muttered as I stared into my mirror...

I'll add the SLURL to the Athens Asylum build when I'm home later (I have no access to Second Life at present), or you can find it in the Destination Guide under "Haunted".

Pretty Princess (3)

Athens Asylum (1)

Athens Asylum (5)

Athens Asylum (4)

Pretty Princess (2)

The title of this post is from the poem War Rug by Henri Cole.


  • Outfit: SMOTD Malachi Bloodied Corn Sack Dress and pumpkin head for Horrorfest
  • Necklace: ISD Death's Grip Choker in blood
  • Eyes: Ellabella Phantasm Eyes - Bio One for Horrorfest
  • More blood: ImmateriA Lizzie Borden bloody face tattoo for Horrorfest
  • Web projector: Pretense pose for Horrorfest


  • . a i s l i n g . FairyTale Frame (your photo goes into the frame :D )


  • Lashes: MIASNOW Candy 2 Fantasy
  • Skin: T&C Autumn Pale
  • Feet and hands: Slink Fist/Casual hands, Medium feet
  • Makeup: MIASNOW Bloody Clown full face
  • Shoes: Ingenue Odette Heels in Graphite (for Slink feet)
  • Hair: Lamb Mono in Blood Fruit
  • Spiderweb gloves and bodysuit: Schadenfreude black spiderweb set with group gift slink hand appliers!
  • Nails: Flair 162 set
  • Pumpkins: Schadenfreude mesh jack-o-lanterns

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