Thursday, October 10, 2013

The data is trying to pretend

Mischief Managed (7)
Today I put on elf ears and had a moment of worry about mixing my geeky metaphors. I'm not exactly dressed for a day at Hogwarts, but I know how people in that world tend to treat their elves. Maybe this elf is simply a Harry Potter cosplayer who couldn't find a pair of human ears to put on to hide the pointy ears?
*cough* All whimsy aside, I'm wearing a few more items from the Wizarding Faire. I especially love the beautiful, many-optioned scarf from FATEplay. It knots, it un-knots, it flops over one shoulder, so many options it actually played well with my mesh hair AND my mesh satchel. (This is where I take a moment to sigh and say that I sometimes miss the old days when you could actually MOVE a prim or two around.)
I'm also wearing this gorgeous C88 dress from Schadenfreude, and tights too. LITTLE BATS. ON MY THIGHS. Today is a good day. (Why is Acha hiding her hands? Because Acha didn't have time to fuss with prim hands this morning. Pretend they're all pretty!)
Gryffindor for a day (2)
Mischief Managed (8)
Gryffindor for a day (1)

  • Eyes: NP Lunar Eyes in Gold
  • Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ the song of anubis tattoo in antique - faded - no chest
  • Scarf: FATEplay scarf - Evans - (F) Lion (SWF)(S)
  • Hair: Lamb These Days - Rotten Carrot color
  • Ears: Illusions elf fairy ears
  • Makeup: Schadenfreude Langwidere Pumpkin Eiraku Makeup 
  • Tights: Schadenfreude Garter Bat Tights for C88
  • Dress: Schadenfreude Pumpkin The Boozle Dress for C88
  • Skin: My Uglydorothy - Emma - Clever for the Wizarding Faire
  • Satchel: Auxiliary Old Leather Satchel in Camel for the Wizarding Faire
  • Shoes: L&E batty shoes in brown/gold for the Wizarding Faire
  • Necklace: L&E Heraldic Necklace - lion's paw for the Wizarding Faire
  • Poses: Marukin
  • Furniture: CIRCA
  • House: Post
  • Poem quoted in post title: Radar Data #12 by Lytton Smith

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