Friday, October 25, 2013

Smooth like good cake frosting


Secret ~ my pants don't actually fit beneath this coat. A little of the prim protrudes out the backside, but my avatar woke up feeling cold today and refused to wear this coat as a dress. Another secret ~ I did not properly tint the fade tattoo for my hands, because I knew I'd be wearing coat sleeves. I have yet to open up photoshop and do a good job on fantasy skin faders (which reminds me to pick up the ones that Helena Stringer has made), so whenever I wear bracers or sleeves, it's inevitably to hide my lazy work at integrating my hands.

Despite that, I love seeing all the ways that this coat is styled over in the Katat0nik flickr group. (If you haven't added your photo there, please do!) For example, check out Gogolita, freezing her butt off with bare legs! I dig how un-gothy and accessible she makes the coat, it's definitely a nice contrast to the usual styling.

Other things of note about my outfit: Horns, ring, and eyes are from Horrorfest! The beautiful makeup and lashes are from MIASNOW! The little bear baking up the witch in the oven is a group gift right now from Katat0nik. BAKE YOUR OWN MINI WITCH! Only in SL.

Indecisive blogger is indecisive
  • Ring: Circa Fright Night Macabre Ring - Drucilla Spider (gatcha item) ~ Horrorfest
  • Eyes: Rue Eyes Lotus Easter: Lilac ~ Horrorfest
  • Horns: Souzou Eien Ossis Sacri Horns (elegant, full) ~ Horrorfest
  • Hair: Calico Mantha in pastels
  • Jacket: Katat0nik Light Grey Skull jacket dress
  • Thing: Katat0nik group gift bear oven with witch doll
  • Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Prudence boots in lavender
  • Lashes: MIASNOW candy 4 drama lashes
  • Makeup: MIASNOW Candy black lips and fright night 8 eyes
  • Skin: MIASNOW skin Walker Ambrosia 3
  • Pants: Schadenfreude Crypt Fanceh Pants
  • Hands: Slink Prosper
  • Nails: Flair nail pack 160-ish
  • Poses: Marukin
  • Poem: Pleasure by Katie Peterson

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