Friday, October 18, 2013

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Horror Haute (1)
October. I used to love you with an unmitigated love because you are full of all the things I especially dig, like the color orange, and pumpkins, and Halloween, and a feeling that the world is about to transform into something magical.
Now I realize that October is also about sobering reality. It's a month of reversal, when the stuff that I really don't want to think about emerges and dances on Samhain night for all of us to see. Hello, skeletons in my closet, secrets buried deep, tendrils of Chthonic horror. I guess it's their month too. In honor of the magical and the macabre, this month's Horror Haute is all about Tim Burton. Here's a little taste...
Horror Haute (2)
Horror Haute (3)
Horror Haute:

  • Hat: LD Tim Burton Homage - Witch Hat - Green (gatcha)
  • Dress: Skindustrial Bodyworks Jack's Nightmare Dress
  • Piercings: CoLL: Juno ear, nose, mouth & bindi
  • Boots: The Little Bat Beetle Boots/Grey
  • Necklace: The Little Bat Chained Cabochon / Strange RARE
  • Lamp: LD Pumpkin Socket Lamp
  • Creepy clown: LD Mister Candy Clown /rezz
  • Bowl: LD Nightmare Before Christmas Candies Urn


  • Rue: Eyes/Lotus Eater: Chartreuse
  • +Half-Deer+ Terror Table - Black/Black Legs
  • Poses: Pretense Dead Sexy

Fantasy Gatcha Carnival:

  • Triple neck chain: Suala shoulder silver chain
  • Bracers: The Forge viking bracers in steel

Wizarding Faire:

  • Skin: My Uglydorothy - The Bad Lady


  • Hands: Slink hands - Gesture
  • Tattoo: White Widow - Reign of Fire Dark
  • Hair: fashionably Dead - Moon Pigtails - Red 3
  • Lashes: MC Falsies lashes
  • Tights: Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake in black fishnet (vintage)
  • Poem: Beauty Supply by Lee Ann Brown

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