Thursday, October 17, 2013

Like some ancient star

Kustom9 (4)
I got sucked into the cuteness that is Kustom9, and have a new little furniture set for my plushies to hang out in while I'm at work. The Pwnies like the comfy carpet! This event has been covered by a lot of adorable bloggers. Some of my favorites are this post from Noir Gothly, and this one from Evangelical. You can check out all the stuff I didn't cover, there! The other thing I'm wearing that's had a lot of great press is this jacket from Rebel Hope. I'm so happy she's hopped into mesh, her textures are just getting nicer and nicer. This entire outfit was actually built around the colors of my necklace, a new one from Hate Me and Eat Me -- another shop that's just getting more creative as time goes on.
Kustom9 (2)
Kustom9 (3)

Kustom9 (3)

  • Lashes: *MC* Falsies eyelashes, upper
  • Tattoo: Silentsparrow hart, thistle & thorn tattoo
  • Jacket: Rebel Hope Sherry mesh Leather Jacket in white
  • Necklace: Hate Me and Eat Me - mafalda necklace in gold
  • Makeup: Miss Shippe's Studio October Watercolors with freckles
  • Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears
  • Earrings: Illusions Lunarian Earrings
  • Piercing: Pekka Mille Unisex Piercing in gold
  • Headpiece: Balderdash - sticks and stones headpiece
  • Hands: Slink elegant
  • Polish: Flair set 103
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Ellie group gift hair
  • Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - Europa 05 A at Kustom9
  • Shoes: :::LP::: Glam_Studded Sneakers At Kustom9
  • Pants: tulip. Madeline Colored Jeans S Mustard
  • Poem: poem I wrote sitting across the table from you, by Kevin Varrone
  • *ionic* The mysteries of nature (frames)
  • *ionic* I'm a bird (chair)
  • *ionic* folkie carpet
  • *ionic* luz (lamp)
  • floorplan. dirigible sapling
  • (Prudence) Pwnie Standing ~silentsparrow~
  • (Caramel) Uni-ee! for Displaying ~silentsparrow~
  • (Zoe) Pwnie Holding ~silentsparrow~

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