Sunday, October 13, 2013

I stand within her walls

White Widow boy makeup...
This post is mostly to show off this beautiful White Widow group gift boy makeup. This one is for October (I'm not sure if it's this October or last, actually), but I adore the delicacy of the design. It sits on Acha's cheeks without taking over his whole face, and brings out a lot of his tribal elf personality. The group is cheap to join, and you can immediately pick up a year worth of group gifts for men and women. Check out the shop here.
There are a lot of neat events going on right now that are male-avvie-appropriate, and I especially like what I've seen at the Men's Department. I'm wearing a tattoo and hair from that event, and have a few pairs of pants that are super comfy (not shown). "Low pants might flash my buttcrack, but at least my bits and pieces have room to breath," boy Acha says.

  • Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel Freckles - Moles
  • Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer - Phantograph - at the Men's Department
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant - Kawashima I hair - Male - Summer
  • Necklace: Okami Kanei Tsuho Necklace (gold) - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Leather thingie: PFC - The Hunter - Grizzly - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Chinlet: Aisling Dresh in black - Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eye - Bashful Gidge
  • Ears: Illusions Sprite Ears, and Wrapped Cords for Sprite Ears
  • Face tattoo: White Widow Face Tattoo, October group gift
  • Today's title is from the poem America by Claude McKay.

Halloween decorations
Bonus: This is what my land looks like right now with the Tromp L'Oeil C88 cottage on it. I'm gearing up for my favorite holiday!

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