Saturday, October 5, 2013

All the world is blind

Illusions (1)

I woke up yesterday thinking of Siyu Suen's sim, Carnivale. It's gorgeous, a colonnaded manse on a high hill overlooking a prosperous bergher village. The feeling is most definitely Renaissance Italy during its best years. (Maybe I've been watching too much about the Medicis on History Channel.) The little village is full of shops as well, including one of my partner's -- Jackal's got a tiny Lassitude & Ennui just below the stairs to the village. I've danced in the rotunda for Siyu's twice-yearly fetes, and I really love how she provides context to her creations. There's a good reason to buy her beautiful masks to prepare for her parties!

I'm wearing a few Potter-themed necklaces today that I'd like to especially point out. One was from Allegory for FLF yesterday, reminiscent of a Petronus, a necklace with a stag emblem. The other two are from Jackal for the Wizarding Faire. The Faire begins soon, and I can't wait to see what's there!

Today's title is from the poem At a Dinner Party by Amy Levy.


Illusions (2)

  • Pants: ~silentsparrow~ (lust) gloomy suit jeans
  • Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Penny in Fades (1), not yet released
  • Bracers: The Forge Viking Bracers (copper) from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
  • Necklace (lowest): Lassitude & Ennui Heraldic Necklace - banner - for the Wizarding Faire
  • Necklace (middle): Lassitude & Ennui Heraldic Necklace - snake eye - for the Wizarding Faire
  • Necklace (highest): Schadenfreude Wooden Hart Crest Necklace for FLF
  • Vest: Schadenfreude Courage Stripe Deep V Vest for FLF
  • Eyes: Frick Cruel Eyes for the Halloween dollarbie hunt
  • Makeup: Frick Maexxna Makeup in red (lighter) for the Halloween dollarbie hunt
  • Handses: Slink
  • Nailses: Frick Halloween polish for Slink hands for the Halloween dollarbie hunt
  • Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1
  • Poses: Marukin
  • Tattoo: vintage

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