Friday, October 4, 2013

A flank and scored shoulder

Preview of hair from Calico

There's almost too much stuff in my brain today, but this is a quick post to preview some amazing hair. My old friend Calico Ingmann has been quietly and professionally busting her arse to learn mesh (gosh, I wish I was this hard-working and dedicated), and has recently poured her skill into the above hair. Soon you will get to mess with all the beautiful colors and textures too; I admit that it ate a good half hour of my night because the headband and beads have so many options! I love how piratey this is without losing a bit of femininity.

Today is also FLF. I got many of the things, including the feathery necklace from Balaclava, above. I'm also using one of Kirin's FLF poses. Seraphim has posted a good list of FLF over here. I am also wearing a new dress from Rebel Hope; you can see the outfit in full at my Flickr.

Today's blog title is from the poem Incomplete Lioness by Linda Bierds. Read it here, if you like!

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