Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Color resists paraphrase

Airedine lounging at her pool
Airedine Poe in mermaid form, relaxing at her pool

Ever since I stopped blogging here, I admit that I never actually stopped blogging.  Cajsa let me linger on at It's Only Fashion, and every now and again I'd log into SL and realize that I had something interesting to say. For a few years I became a sporadic blogger, much different than when I gave myself the goal of posting once a day, every day, in this blog. It felt like a vacation, taking off the responsibilities that come with doing justice to people's creations, and only really posting when and what I wanted.

...But sometimes the constant flow and pressure is inspirational. I love it when designers decide that I'm worthy of their creations, and I love the pressure of adequately representing a good event full of interesting things. I'm excited about the next few months, when this blog will be plunging into a deep Autumnal gloom. The kindly people who make dark and dangerous things remembered me, and I've been slowly donning the trappings of a fully operational blog again.

Things are different than they were when I began, obviously!  It's fascinating to realize that event items are now distributed through groups rather than by each designer (remember the day?). How neat and tidy that is! I also like the application process. It makes the commitment more real, something to be achieved and lived up to rather than "Here's the same old bunch of folks writing about the same stuff."

The real reason for this blog also persists, though, and it's embodied here: it's always been about other people, people who are not me. That's always been the most fun for me to photo.  Gathered here are a few pictures from the past month of people that I've hung out with, taken on the sly like the avatar paparazzi that I am.  Enjoy! (And you'll be next...)

Cajsa DJs
Cajsa Lilliehook in her other incarnation as a DJ, at The Velvet
Samara dances at The Velvet
Samara Barzane dancing to Cajsa's tunes
hya, kind enough to show my kid her pink plushes
hyasynth showing my daughter her pinkest plushies, and looking like a rainbow

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