Saturday, March 26, 2011

Second to last post: Another Fundraiser


I am proud to be sporting a skin for Another Fundraiser today. I'm also in an outfit entirely from Japanese designers, from Tekuteku to Zero Number to DP**yumyum … I love the Japanese presence in Second Life. It's one of my favorite parts of the world, and seeing how they've been affected by the tragedy is honestly breaking me to bits. One of my favorite housewear designers, Nonino, is closing down because of her need to focus on events in RL. I can't even imagine what it must be like in Japan right now, and my thoughts are with her and everyone else in her plight. I supported Nonino by going and buying every one of the things I loved from her shop while it's still around; I'm supporting the Red Cross effort in Japan by buying up these beautiful skin mods. Hey Japan -- I ache for you, pray for you, and blog for you today.


From Sasy:

Another Fundraiser is back! This time we're helping Japan! 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Red Cross (for Japan). Second Life residents again have been encouraged to create skins, and make ups for this event, all skill levels allowed. There are a great blend of roleplay skins, geisha, makeups, and even guy skin! Come see, and help raise money!

SLURL: here!
Flickr group: here!


***Skin: Another Fundraiser Miamai RedNju skin
***Shirt: **DP**yumyum shirt 06
***Shorts: **DP**yumyum denim shorts in used/navy
***Shoes: Zero Number Petanko Cross Aza
***Socks: Honey Kitty rose dot overknee socks in gray-blue
***Hair: Tekuteku honey (sienna), with the little hat
***Monocle: Sanu Bunny Hop Monocle

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not me: Sparkly Melatonin

Melatonin Hax

Sometimes, after a week of Srs Blogging, you just gotta photoshop some sparkles coming out of some hands. Thank you to Miss Melatonin Hax for indulging me.

***Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Character skin SASHA
***Hair: Clawtooth: Easy Breezy - Red eye flight
***Horns: *** Call *** Sheep Horn
***Dress: tomoto, narcisse etoile
***Poses: [Lyndz-Matic] A good stretch & [Lyndz-Matic] That's Miss to you

Fashion For Life [last post]: Baiastice, Heartsick

Goodbye FFL!

It's strange to think that FFL is over already. Seems like it just got here... I've enjoyed the week. It's enormously fun to see what I can do with clothing outside of my usual milleu, and it reminded me to use new-to-me designers more often in my blog posts. This great skin is by Heartsick, and it suits this elegant and coppery shirt/dress combo from Baiastice. Now that FFL is over, I think I've taken from it a renewed desire to support designers in SL. They work their arses off, and sometimes don't even do it for money. Thank you to everyone who contributed, bought from, and planned FFL this year. Go, us!

***Ears: SLink Sachara elf ears
***Hair: Lamb Bang Bang Bob in twix
***Tattoo: Aitui Tattoo - cover music - mistakes
***Bracelet: Mood Arditezza vivid cuff
***Dress: Baiastice Riyau dress in copper
***Skin: Heartsick FFL HS Spirit Dream Love Life

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion For Life [07]: Grim Bros. Skin

Ezura/Grim Bros./Tekeli-li

We're coming to the end of Fashion For Life; the last day is tomorrow! Today's FFL item is actually this purply-blue cyberskin by Grim Bros. It reminded me that I haven't worn a brilliantly abnormal skin in a long time… I used to love MiaSnow's greens and blues and wear them all the time. This skin seemed to go well with Ezura's new release, this tiny ruffled cyber dress. I like the sheerness of the top, perfect for wearing over detailed skins or this nice cyber tattoo from HUZ. Today's Fashion For Life Link is to this article about Ikon eyes -- I'm really enjoying the "10 Reasons to Come to FFL" series!

Ezura/Grim Bros./Tekeli-li

Huz and L&E

***Skin: Grim Bros RFL metalbot skin female
***Outfit (including eyepiece and jewelry): Ezura DIGI Cyber Latex in Silver
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Thecla Boots in Purple
***Lips: Schadenfreude Langwidere Blue Apple Lips
***Tattoo: HUZ Android Future
***Hair: Tekeli-li Efreet with horns

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Fundraiser

Another Fundraiser

Mina Jun contacted me the other day with a heartwarming (yet heartbreaking) message. She told me that she was donating her skin PDFs so that somehow, they could be used to help Japan.

Sasy Scarborough stepped up to the plate, and soon set up an Another Fundraiser. I don't know if you remember the last one, but it was one of the loveliest events in Second Life. Using Eloh templates, designers created unique and fabulous and cheap (50L each) mods, selling them at a skin event where the proceeds all go to the Red Cross. This time, Mina Jun's skin templates will also be there to draw from, as well as Eloh's and Sezmra Svarog's.

More information about this event is posted here at the Another Fundraiser site.

The fundraiser is looking for creators at present. If you've ever had an urge to see what your creative hand could do with a skin -- there's no better time or reason than this.

Fashion For Life [06]: Falln

Plastik for the Pacific Crisis fundraiser

Yesterday I took a day off from blogging and set up house with Miss Jackal. We have a big floating church now, and it's the first thing with a roof that I've loved living in. It's funny -- given how vast and various Second Life is, I can sometimes spend days in my own skybox, so where I live is vitally important! It becomes the game, for me.

Today, this decadent skin is by Plastik for the Pacific Crisis fundraiser (SLURL here). And my outfit (so perfectly in keeping in my new digs) is by Falln for FFL (Website here).

Falln for FFL

***Horns: Illusions Dalli Horns
***Cuffs: from the ~silentsparrow~ Severin suit
***Shoes: …hooves
***Skin and ears: Plastik Pacific Crisis Tokyo Skin in Melody
***Gown: Falln Avaritia gown in flame for FFL
***Hair: Clawtooth Cat Call in Wheat