Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's a snufferbox, hya?

New jacket from hya! And a stray Jackal

hyasynth just released this marvelous Snufferbox jacket at ~silentsparrow~, something that looks like it grew organically from magical elven plants...(See a close-up of the jacket here!) It totally matches Zaara's 50L Friday item from a few weeks ago…I snuck the cropped shirt under the jacket. My skirt is a beautiful high-waisted one from Vanitas Vestures with pearl beading embellishments. Such a lovely idea for a skirt! And now I'm running off to entertain my spawn. 10 AM, and she's waiting for me to run her around town. (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~)

***Shoes: Zaara Ilaida Mojri jeweled brown
***Hair: Lamb Soma - Honeycomb - 50L friday item
***Skin & ears & eyes: Ataciara Elven Mahogany with freckles, in Naked makeup
***Shirt: Zaara Deesha cropped shirt in mocha under the jacket
***Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ (copper) snufferbox jacket
***Skirt: Vanitas Vestures Wonderland Alchemist skirt in gold

Friday, January 14, 2011

A strange tune from a passing car

La Malvada Mujer + Plastik skin.

I'm a silly girl. I took these photos and carefully cut them up and … then I realized that I'm wearing TWO headpieces at once. Yep, it's true, peer at the above photo and I've got the chin and mouth attachment on at the same time. It's a testament to the designer that despite this, the piece looks kind of awesome. It's called Persiguiendo el Dragon by La Malvada Mujer, and it had me humming "Three Little Maids from School." The skin is another in the new line of Ataciara skins from Plastik. I'm wearing the warlord makeup -- quite fitting, given the fierce hairbits. I think I'm gonna go stab someone with my extra set now! (SLURL to La Malvada Mujer) (SLURL to Plastik)

La Malvada Mujer + Plastik skin.

***Shoes: Zaara Ilaida Mojri in saffron
***Silk: *tal* Tantalizing Silks - Mimosa
***Skin: Plastik Ataciara - Elven - Nautical
***Headdress & Necklace: La Malvada Mujer - Persiguiendo el Dragon

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ah yes, I remember it well

I like my face

My new nine-to-five job is so amazingly weird. I have a set routine for the first time in years, and I bring my lunch to work like a grown-up. I even come home to dinner with the family. I dunno what to say, I feel 37 going on 60. Aside from all the routine, I'm keeping a stubborn hold on my geekiness. As the Tao says, "Be one with your inner geek, and surely all shall part before you like reeds to the wind." Okay, that's a loose interpretation of the original Chinese.

Anyway. My skin is the new Ataciara line from Plastik, and I really, really love it. The Elven tones are neato, but this is the Poem tone, the one that might be close to my SL norm. Many things come on the tattoo layers. In this case, I chose the dark freckles because they look like snow. I'm wearing a new fluffy item from Katat0nik over it, the candy stripe dress in black. (SLURL to Plastik) (SLURL to Katat0nik)

And my dress

***Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ (soot) gloomy suit gloves
***Piercing: LouLou & Co Piercing Epsilon
***Hair & goggles: Calico Ingmann Creations Raulyn in dark henna
***Shrug: Kyoot narcissus shadow shrug (no longer for sale)
***Boots: SLink Sydney overknee boots in black
***Socks: League gartered socks - off white - overknee
***Skin: Plastik Ataciara in poem shade with cleavage, shadow, and dark freckles on the tattoo layer
***Harness & posture collar: Kyoot addicted to dopamine harness in black
***Dress: Katat0nik candy stripe dress in black

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small post for a cold day


Did I mention that there's a sale at 5th and Oxford? Okay, I've mentioned it a number of times...:D It's still going. I took this picture a while ago, and I notice that I'm also sporting Clawtooth's One-Eleven hair and some great SLink shoes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday's blue


You know what? Monday feels a lot more like Monday when I had the weekend off. Not to complain, of course! I'm listening to the sound of morning coffee percolate and reading up on the huge snowstorm in the Southern US. Be safe, everyone, and go play instead of drive! My outfit today is a combination of items from 5th & Oxford (picked up from an old 50L Friday, I think), tights from League for Project Themeory, and a shrug from Zaara. My avvie will put on clothing eventually; it's so cold outside that she's good with hanging around the house in her undies.


***Horns: Illusions Dalli Horns
***Stockings: League Alice Stockings (Project Themeory item)
***Gloves: from the ~silentsparrow~ Ritual Tunic in blood
***Tattoo: HUZ Kanji Reborn
***Bracelet: Perturb/ation suggestive bracelet
***Hair: SLink Genevief Hairstyle in deep black
***Undies: 5th & Oxford Elizabeth Lingerie in red
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Arcadas in red
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Lady Midnight - I
***Shawl thingie: Zaara Naina Distressed Shrug in red

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Housecleaning day!

Honey Kitty stars dress!

There was a span of time when Honey Kitty didn't produce much at all. I'd go to the sim and stare sadly at the vendors, wishing them to change… But for the past six months or so, Nekoko Noel has been super active! She's produced the cutest socks, frocks, cardigans and bows for lolitas, and I have to restrain myself from buying more than one color. Today's dress, the little star dress, also has a fluffy babydoll version. (SLURL to Honey Kitty) My skin is also brand new from LG -- a soft, prettily done skin that comes with an eyelash hiding alpha and its own prim lashes. The darker lipsticks were also worth checking out! (SLURL to LG)

Honey Kitty stars dress!

***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears pointy chains
***Tattoo: ~momo~ FlowerBunny Tattoo
***Lipring: LouLou&Co Piercing Epsilon
***Dress: Honey Kitty (cream) little star dress
***Boots: Gos Slouch Boots
***Hair: Clawtooth Could I Resist in sunny days red
***Skin: LG Peau d'Ange - Duman - pale MU6