Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PCs have the illusion of CTR

Boots and a boa

Argh, I'm blogging from my husband's PC. This is harder than it looks, especially when my little fingers keep wanting to hit MAC keyboard shortcuts. Minimizing the screen and pulling up some damned menu whenever I hit the thing between control and Alt is NOT what I was after, goddamnit. Anyway, this is the outfit I had on before my Mac got water damaged. I'm sure you've seen the boa and face glitter already from Oh My Stars-o-rama. It's awesome. The bootses are by Lassitude and Ennui, and are more lickable than this PC makes them look. I get my little Mac back in a few days (I hope), but tonight was definitely a learning experience... Also, thank you to Berry Singh for talking me through the rough patches, like "How the f*** do you rebake?!?"

Boots and a boa

Boots and a boa

***Pants: Zaara Jeans in charcoal
***Necklace: Happy Finds Dark Owl Necklace
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Miss Highlands in black
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Summer in Copper
***Shirt: Arai High Neck Knit Karashi
***Skin: Plastik Muted Ataciara
***Pretty facepaint: Oh My Stars O Rama gold feather lashes by Lililan Shippe
***Boa: Schadenfreude February Feather Boa

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Anonymous said...

OMG I need that necklace! Can't find it in the search (figures!) Do you have a LM?
Btw - totally sympathize with your issues with using a PC when used to a Mac (happily typing away on my beautiful Mac!)
Thanks, Stinalina