Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion For Life [07]: Grim Bros. Skin

Ezura/Grim Bros./Tekeli-li

We're coming to the end of Fashion For Life; the last day is tomorrow! Today's FFL item is actually this purply-blue cyberskin by Grim Bros. It reminded me that I haven't worn a brilliantly abnormal skin in a long time… I used to love MiaSnow's greens and blues and wear them all the time. This skin seemed to go well with Ezura's new release, this tiny ruffled cyber dress. I like the sheerness of the top, perfect for wearing over detailed skins or this nice cyber tattoo from HUZ. Today's Fashion For Life Link is to this article about Ikon eyes -- I'm really enjoying the "10 Reasons to Come to FFL" series!

Ezura/Grim Bros./Tekeli-li

Huz and L&E

***Skin: Grim Bros RFL metalbot skin female
***Outfit (including eyepiece and jewelry): Ezura DIGI Cyber Latex in Silver
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Thecla Boots in Purple
***Lips: Schadenfreude Langwidere Blue Apple Lips
***Tattoo: HUZ Android Future
***Hair: Tekeli-li Efreet with horns

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