Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion For Life [04]: Grim Bros.


It made sense to me at the time, but we did have a time change and my body thought it was 5 am. "Hey, let's photo with a stray giraffe in the background." This dress is by Grim Bros. for Fashion For Life, and it rocketed me back a few years to when Caledon was my Slife and I never ventured from its borders. This dress is rich and pretty, just the type of thing that would look perfect with hooves discretely tucked beneath the hem, and horns hidden by one's formal tiara. Today, I'd like to point you to the great article about fighting lag at FFL's blog. HAPPY MONDAY, don't let it defeat ya!


***Tiara: RH Engel Elizabeth Tiara with diamonds
***Necklace: G*Field holiday gift cross necklace
***Outfit: Grim Bros. Corinne pink dress for FFL
***Facepaint: Miss Shippe's Studio fingerpaint goldleaf deer
***Hair: Maitreya Nadja in gold blond
***Skin: Ugly Duck Yasmin Glow in green tea

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Seindria said...

Oh my goodness that is beautiful. I can't wait until I get paid and done with this weekend so I can go shop FFL.