Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Fundraiser

Another Fundraiser

Mina Jun contacted me the other day with a heartwarming (yet heartbreaking) message. She told me that she was donating her skin PDFs so that somehow, they could be used to help Japan.

Sasy Scarborough stepped up to the plate, and soon set up an Another Fundraiser. I don't know if you remember the last one, but it was one of the loveliest events in Second Life. Using Eloh templates, designers created unique and fabulous and cheap (50L each) mods, selling them at a skin event where the proceeds all go to the Red Cross. This time, Mina Jun's skin templates will also be there to draw from, as well as Eloh's and Sezmra Svarog's.

More information about this event is posted here at the Another Fundraiser site.

The fundraiser is looking for creators at present. If you've ever had an urge to see what your creative hand could do with a skin -- there's no better time or reason than this.

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