Monday, February 21, 2011

Tee el dee ar


Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of doing something I hadn't done in a long time: hang out with hyasynth while she did her thing and I did my thing, sometimes talking and sometimes in total silence... I spent two years in SL doing just this, fiddling with my inventory while hyasynth created. I'd usually work on two outfits; one for blogging, one for wearing after blogging. hya would do a million things - upload textures, answer notecards, manage her shop, respond to IMs. But our silence was always interesting and generative and occasionally punctuated by "You should tint that," and "ooh I like that texture."

More than many things, that feels like SL-home to me, and in a wash of nostalgia for the past, I came up with this outfit. I'm trying to Steampunk myself a little more when I'm off the blogging clock, and I hadn't meant to post this outfit at all today. It's really just for hanging around Steampunk sims. The outfit is almost entirely hya's stuff, with some additional Schadenfreude and Jackal's most awesome boots and Aikea's skin. I have to add that the present is awesome too. Jackal and I tend to get up off our arses and go do stuff (when our timezones intersect), and this is lovely in its own way. Okay, rambling time over. Enjoy your collective Mondays!

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