Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not me: Ivey Deschanel with a super high arc

Ivey Deschanel
Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch

I was so exhausted by life today that I couldn't even put on an outfit. In fact, when Ivey popped into my skybox she looked at me and said, "You're a little elf. Look at that hat." It's true, I had on an old winter hat-hair with a pom on it, and like a miscelaney of stuff that looked like crap. :D Anyway, aren't you glad I spared you that? Instead, I told Ivey to wear panties and as much crap as she could attach and still rez. She uttered the hilarious lines:

[16:59] Ivey Deschanel: you want blacks or flesh
[16:59] Ivey Deschanel: or just panties and tube?

Which I misread as "panties and lube." *cough* … And then:

[17:02] Ivey Deschanel: gotcha gimme a sex
[17:02] Ivey Deschanel: sec
[17:02] Ivey Deschanel: gahh I hate that typo

I LOVE YOU IVEY. I'll give you a sex any time. *smooch* She's also an excellent sport and has a very photogenic backside. :D Thanks for playing! (Here's the SLURL to Sn@tch.)

Has a nice sn@tch

Credits by Ivey:

"Everything is from Sn@tch, Hair is Exile and Skin is Curio Jasmine."
Beautiful skybox texture in the background built by Aisuru Reiko of Beloved.

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