Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello, Angels

Blue Blood & Royal Blue

Ok so I'm editing this briefly at work using some kind of embedded Windows program -- apologies for the overexposure. I want my Mac! *cry* ... Anyway, I really like using Ghanima's outfits on the underpants layer. She's been making cute ruffled panty legs, and sometimes you just have to appreciate the texture of an item without hiding it behind a prim skirt. Over it, I've got on today's Royal Blue 50L Friday item, this awesome body suit. It's so 80s-fabulous! Along with Lamb's 50L Friday hair and Miel's belt, I feel like I'm one of Charlie's Angels! (All of these 50L Friday items are available today.)

Blue Blood & Royal Blue

***Hair: Lamb Egomaniacal in honeycomb, 50 L Friday item today
***Bodysuit: Royal Blue house lounge body suit in hearts 50 L Friday item today
***Belt: Miel troop belt 50L Friday item today
***Sleeves, wings, collar, sock: Blue Blood Tuesday in WG Lilac
***Teeth: Garage Teeth with Lipstick v11 set 4
***Skin, ears: Plastik Ataciara - hymn - vegas
***Shooz: Gos Curvaceous Boots in cream

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