Thursday, February 17, 2011

The circus fairies ran into some paint!


I had a crappy day, and these two made it all better. My day was so crappy that I couldn't even put together a blogging outfit - ! It began with breaking my husband's favorite coffee cup, and ended with my child puking up her antibiotics. In between, eh, let's just say it's That Time. At any rate, I challenged these two to put together outfits that did justice to Allegory's crazy dual hair combinations. They're both wearing one of Alle's new hairs, Vivien. And on top of that -- a sneak peek at ~silentsparrow's~ 50L Friday item for tomorrow, this totally perfect beflowered headband, all fit for a fey. So much love, you two.


On Allegory:
***~silentsparrow~ Jolie Hair Band
***Pig - Crystal Canyon Leopard shirt
***lassitude&ennui Thecla boots, sea
***~silentsparrow~ fledermaus tattoos
***~silentsparrow~ (sea) Kurai Tart skirt (& panties)
***~silentsparrow~ (Sea)(Batty) Knitty Arm Warmers
***Schadenfreude Vivien hair, Cotton Candy
***Schadenfreude Adalheid collar
***Schadenfreude Short Vitalle Necklace
***Schadenreude Flamingo Stripe & Dots Corset
***Schadenfreude Opaque Poison Amortentia Stockings
***Schadenfreude Fey Ears, Spiral Horn (with group gift stripes)
***Schadenfreude Rotten Apple Lipstick&Manicure
***skin&eyes currently unreleased

On hya:
***Lorelle Blue Fairy Butterfly Wings 4.2.1 - Material Squirrel
***Schadenfreude Widowed Fey Ears (unreleased!)
***{Violet Voltaire} SweetHeart Necklace Loyalty(CHEST)
***Mutation Industries - Unicorn Tail
***L&E Patchwork ankle boots - sea
***Schadenfreude Ciel Funambule Dress
***Schadenfreude Batflake Eyes
***Schadenfreude Green Blue Purple Knit Stripey Socks
***Schadenfreude Striges Skirt
***~Scribble~ String Theory/Blue/Hands Only G
***Schaden. Dawn Langwidere [f-b-d] Blush
***Grape - Merricat Tats - Full Body (t) ~silentsparrow~
***Schadenfreude Vivien
***(lime) Snufferbux Jacket (s) ~silentsparrow~

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