Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hopping for hearts

Hanging with the pretty partner

Can I get an AWW for the above pose set? It's from the Oz hunt, and my only small request is that the bubble-wand and bubbles be made transferrable… Also, Jackal is totally barefoot. How ironic! :D My boy avatar's coat is also from the Oz hunt, the very beautiful Lapin frock coat from ~silentsparrow~. What makes it so Lapin? Pan into the fabric and you will see bunnies hanging out amid the vines. (Pick up your Oz hunt basket and instructions here) Oh. And I finally picked up that CheerNo skin. I love it!

SilentSparrow Oz coat

That CheerNo skin...

Hunt items:
***Coat: ~silentsparrow~ Lapine frock coat for Year of the Bunneh at Oz
***Heart pose set: eMOTIONS Bubbles for Love

Not part of the hunt:
***Jeans: ~silentsparrow~ Lust gloomy suit jeans
***Tattoo: HUZ Oriental Henna Tattoo
***Skin & eyes: CheerNo Brent Blond Gold BD 2 & studio blue eyes
***Hair: Anna in Anxious Blond
***Horns: Illusions Aries Horns

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