Saturday, November 20, 2010

He drives Miss Daisy

Elusyve in MiaMai

It only took me two days to make images that I liked of Miss Elusyve Jewell. Sometimes Photoshop likes me a little, and sometimes it hates my guts. Suffice to say, I always feel pressured when photographing other people to make them look as lovely as they are. In these, Elu is wearing MiaMai -- her hair and face tattoos and dress. I've been by the shop, it really suits the dramatic side of her nature (kind of like her pet vampire). And before anyone guesses, all the shadows are totally faked. (SLURL to MiaMai)

Elusyve in MiaMai

***Hair: "Mika" from Miamai
***Skin: "Castalia" from Glam (past TDR)
***Face Tats from Miamai
***Ears: "Theao" from MW iLweran
***Necklace: "Maple Leaf" from ICED
***Dress: "Alexa" from Miamai
***Shoes: "Aveela" from SLink

It mostly tastes like jackfruit to me

Fairies on flets

Have you been to the Second Life Botanical Garden recently? They've installed elven homes high in the trees, very Lothlorien indeed! I went with a pretty elf, Miss Elusyve Jewell, and I promise you a lovely picture of her there as soon as I can snag her again online (I took a photo but it doesn't do her justice, so I'm gonna try again!). Here, I'm wearing a plethora of elven garb, the new fairy pixie set and wings from Ezura, hair from Wasabi Pills, and a lovely necklace from Dark Mouse. I'm ready to get my ass kicked by Galadriel! (SLURL to Ezura)

***Facial piercings: Ellabella Mynx on yer face!
***Shrug: ~silentsparrow~ sea shruggie
***Dress & wings: Ezura fairy pixie set in teal & chocolate
***Skin: MiaSnow skin - fresh dark with blue eyeshadow and boobs on tattoo layer
***Hair: Wasabi Pills Esyae Hair in Aquatic
***Necklace: Dark Mouse Embrace of Flowers

Friday, November 19, 2010

Like the morning paper


I just spent the entire day yesterday alternating between lying in bed and puking my guts out. Stomach flu? Food poisoning? Ulcer? Who knows. Today, my avatar is in the most comfortable clothing imagineable to mirror my real life pajamas. She looks much more elegant than I do right now, believe me! I especially love the new MiaSnow Fresh skinline -- for some reason, MiaSnow skins suit my shape without any modifications, and the way she makes her nose and cheekbones really tickles me. I think I look soft yet mischievous, perfect for a Friday spent lying around in front of the TV. The camisole is also new from Ingenue. I love messing with Betty's stuff and making it look all dark and dirty. :D


***Tape: Sinistyle taped fingers
***Hair tchatchkes: fashionably dead hair stuff (leftovers)
***Pants: fashionably dead vagabond pants in black
***Shirt: Grasp loosestyle denim shirt in black
***Shoes: Rebel-X- Aki flats (with color scripted hud)
***Tattoo: Launa Fauna 50L Friday mixed signals tattoos - chest wings
***Hair: Clawtooth could I resist? in Red eye
***Undershirt: Ingenue Mon Petit in snow
***Skin: Miasnow Skin - Fresh - pale with tinted brows

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glittery winter

Especially super huge ones

So Many Styles has been on my mind lately, especially after this post from Michami showing her in a cool asymmetrical dress. So I hopped over and poked around and found something great, this feathery, wispy babydoll. I'm wearing it to stare at my pretty new snowglobe… a crystal tree from Risupisu for the Magic of Oz hunt. It made me remember one of my favorite childhood books, Crystal Tree by Dorothea Lindquist. There's magic in looking out the window and seeing branches entirely coated with ice...

I love snowglobes

***Shoes: Honey Kitty Red Ribbon Ruffle flats
***Eye tattoo: Plastik soul ink compendium master face tattoo
***Hair: Clawtooth beg your pardon in black eye
***Arm tattoo: La Malvada Mujer La Bocca Chiusa
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Lady Midnight - I
***Dress: So Many Styles Leaf Dress in Black
***Snowglobe: From Risupisu Mermaid Shop for the Magic of Oz hunt

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You should chew a fairy with that, she said


katat0nik's Shortcake outfit is so damned cute that I decided to show the back of it first. It has a frilled lolita jacket with rows of flounces and beading, just perfect over the sculpted, bowed skirt. The dress can be worn without the jacket, but why? My shoes are perfect little color-changing flats from Rebel-X-. (Rebel-X- is also in the Magic of Oz hunt, although I haven't yet unpacked the prize...) I also spent the morning hunting pearls at Magic of Oz. I like the new hunt system -- instead of wasting dropped items, it feels very economical. Plus, you get to walk around with a basket like Dorothy! (And Miss Jackal, I'm sorry I took off the fairy. I'll chew it for my next shoot!) (SLURL to Katat0nik) (SLURL to Magic of Oz) (SLURL to Rebel-X-)


***Gloves: from the ~silentsparrow~ Gloomy Suit in (soot)
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Doll Face cameo necklace and Kawaii Cameo earrings
***Hair: booN QPT129 hair in black
***Outfit: Katat0nik Shortcake dress and jacket in black
***Shoes: Rebel -X- AKI flats
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Lady Midnight - I

Monday, November 15, 2010

Because I'm younger now...

Elfboys are difficult...

Mmm, that Magic of Oz and its hunts. The jacket that I teased you about the other day is from this hunt, this beautiful ~silentsparrow~ Snufferbux jacket. If you like the jacket lapels, you'll love the back (I'll leave it as a surprise). Other things from the hunt include the delicate jewelry bits from Lazy Places that I'm sporting. I like my boy avvie best when he's in this Aloof Unavailable Elf Prince mood (anyone else read Cassieclare?). Enjoy the hunt.

Elfboys are difficult...

***Hair thingie and necklace: Lazy Places Happy Little Tree for the Magic of Oz hunt
***Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ Snufferbux Jacket for the Magic of Oz hunt
***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Severian Boots in black
***Pants & gloves: ~silentsparrow~ from the Batty set in ash
***Bandages: from the ~silentsparrow~ Aconite set
***Piercings: Ellabella Puritan Spirit
***Skin: Ugly Duck Raphael - cleanshaven - freckles
***Hair: Yelena.2 in jaded blond
***Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer autopsia tattoo

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirteen hours of work ahead...

disney villain?

First, everyone go look at Winter Jefferson's beautiful blog post over here. Now you can read mine…

I'm still a snow queen due to my Ugly Duck Lilith skin. The skin is seriously inspiring my outfit color choices these past few days… Instead of my usual wash of browns & ochres & oranges, I'm all stark and goffy. This new dress from Evie's Closet, the Amarie's Bower, is lovely -- I especially admire the whispy details of the bustle and collar, adding a wicked queen twist on a fairy frock. I've snuck in a new jacket from ~silentsparrow~ beneath this dress… The red collar and long sleeves and cuffs are from that jacket, but it's not quite available yet, it's for a future hunt! Keep your eyes open for more details!

disney villain?

***Outfit: Evie's Closet Amarie's Bower in black
***Hidden jacket: ~silentsparrow~ sneaky preview of the Magic of Oz hunt item, the Snufferbux jacket. The sleeves and collar are from the jacket, the dress is gorgeous and sleeveless on its own.
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Lady Midnight II
***Monocle: Nala monocle pin
***Crown: Pink Fuel cutie crown with color changing hud
***Hair: Clawtooth The Seas Met - Blinding color (the color is a vintage item)
***Shoes: SLink Winkles Heels in white (50L friday item from ages ago)