Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sneaky daylight savings post

I have a bomb on my head

Real life has been pwning me in a big way. Today my daughter took me rollerskating in real life with a Second Life friend and her child. In real life, rollerskating hurts one's arse a whole lot more than in SL, especially if one hasn't done it in a long time. Accomplishments: finished creating my family Christmas card, even though it isn't December yet. Also, avoided cleaning house. Aside from these mundane things, my quirky avatar is wearing a time bomb from La Malvada Mujer with wires sticking nicely into her cheeks, and new shoes from Gos, aptly called the GTFO boots. Made for walking the hell away, eh? The necklace is a stunning set from *cough* Halloween, from Lazy Places. That be a death's head moth, yep. And that cheeky pose I'm striking below is from Gesticulate.

and new boots on my feet.

***Shooz: Gos GTFO boot in stone
***Hat: La Malvada Mujer - the time bomb set
***Hair: Clawtooth RockinRolls in coco
***Skin & eyes: fashionably dead bride set
***Necklace: Lazy Places Persephone Necklace - death's head
***Dress: Miel Pumpkin Raider group gift for Halloween
***Bottom pose: Gesticulate

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little surfer, little one...

Don't wanna care about NOTHING

I've been listening to The Drums way too much lately. Then I saw this wetsuit at Clematis & Nonino, and had to hit the waves. I've never been able to surf, though, not even as a little girl growing up in Hawaii. So I donned a snorkel instead. So come on, let's ignore the cold...

Wake up
It's a beautiful morning
Honey, while the sun is still shining
Wake up
Would you like to go with me?
Honey, take a run down to the beach

Oh, mama
I wanna go surfing
Oh, mama
I don't care about nothing…

-- The Drums

Totally catch my boy-self in his new blogging space over on It's Only Fashion!

Come on, I wanna go SURFING

***Hair: Maitreya Dylan in Sandy Blond
***Skin: Kao Skin *Non* /sun burn/
***Outfit: Nonino Wet Suit with Celtic pattern
***Kit: Aquasin Snorkel Gear 0.4 - fins & mask

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When the year too dies

Walking through Bacio

Tonight, to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, my family sat around at dinner and told stories of our lost grandmothers. I remembered mine, and my husband remembered his, and then my kid piped up. "Mama. What about our cat's relatives? Who was her mother?" We fell into a guilty silence. "That's okay. I'll be her relative," the kid said, saving us. Whew.

Here's my avatar taking a contemplative walk through the forests of Bacio, enjoying the peace of an early Autumn day. I've got on a new outfit from Ingenue -- the Aquarellist blouse and Cara pants -- and I'm also wearing a necklace in honor of the day by Lolapop!. (I managed to find a few necklaces for 10L each in little grave candles in Lola's shop -- she was kind enough to make a little hunt in honor of the day.) So here's to remembering the dead, and smiling at the memories!

Walking through Bacio

***Eyes: Plastik Haunt Collection Hypnotique
***Fingertape: Sinistyle
***Shoes: Ingenue Fleur in Tangerine
***Skin: Ugly Duck Sophie Bawdy Doll
***Tattoo: HUZ Horn-Eye in black
***Hair: Lamb Stargaze in rotten carrot
***Shirt: Ingenue Aquarellist blouse in rain
***Pants: Ingenue Cara Trousers in pumpkin pie
***Necklace: Lolapop! Dia de los Muertos rosas necklace

I spent the morning redecorating for November...



***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in yellow/gold
***Hair: Lamb lost - milk
***Shoes: SLink Cassandra heels in black
***Skin: fashionably dead vampire skin - 1
***Some spiders: Clawtooth - the black widow hair - detachable spiders
***More spiders: Illusions gift for Halloween, Spideys on my head/shoulder
***Outfit: Schadenfreude Scream Queen
***Snow: Beloved sculpty snow by Aisuru Reiko
***Trees: White trees from Clematis
***More trees: Napoliy dead tree