Friday, October 8, 2010

And around her head a circlet of leaves


I wonder what it is about jewelry that's had human being smithing it since before combustion engines. Clearly we had our priorities straight… "First pretty adornments, THEN motors." The jewelry fair is all about ways to enhance one's pretty in SL. Here, I'm wearing the offerings from Lassitude & Ennui, and I absolutely love the delicate elven motif of leaves interlaced in a chain… They come in copper and gold as well, and all-silver and all-black…a bevy of options. My outfit is from Vanitas Vestures. This dress is wonderfully whimsical, a froth of chiffon belted with a flower. The dress comes with a little beret that I'm not wearing in favor of the circlet. (SLURL to L&E at the Jewelry Fair, follow beacon) (SLURL to Vanitas Vestures)

leaves of grass (1)

***JEWELRY: Lassitude & Ennui Leaf Jewelry Set in black and silver
***Eyes: Shine Lustrious Achariya Orange
***Stockings: BeNoir Mona Stockings Torn
***Shoes: Gos Espadrilles in Sand
***Dress: Vanitas Vestures Wonderland Epigram Dress
***Sleeves: Katat0nik Poisoned Sugar Rush sleeve tattoos
***Hair: DBS Sweeny in Beige
***Skin: Honey Kitty A dolly skin in yellow+orange

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Honey, kitty, Halloween


Honey Kitty has an attic full of the cutest Halloween stuff ever! There is a great orange schoolgirl dress as a group gift, and lucky boards with adorable sneakers in purple and orange, and a Halloween gatcha machine…*cry* I admit I left behind most of my Ls, but I managed to score the rare gatcha skin! One of my first purchases in SL was the Honey Kitty Halloween dress from 2008, and it's still in my inventory. The spark-emitting wands ALWAYS have a place in my heart. (SLURL to Honey Kitty)


***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Achariya Orange
***Hair: Maitreya Taryn II - Ginger
***Outfit: Honey Kitty Orange moon bat girly, including wand, bow, boots, dress...
***Socks: Honey Kitty 07 (orange) halloween gatcha socks
***Skin: Honey Kitty A-dolly skin (yellow+orange) from the gatcha machine

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Present for readers of my blog!


I love October, and because I can't really make anything worth a damn in-world, I thought I'd give y'all something kind of like a blog photo only bigger! This is a background for your computer, a small October postcard from me to you. The image is my attempt to represent an Autumn King of sorts, crowned in berries and thorns and scarred from brambles, walking out of the wild wood. Enjoy, and many thanks for reading my wacky blog. Here are three different sizes:

| 1600x1200 | 1024x768 | 1280x800 |
| Bonus for MacBook users, a girl-face background image in 1280x800 |

Hooray for...

Welcome, great pumpkin!

More items are out at the iTuTu October Festival, including some amazing adorableness from Honey Kitty (which I'll blog later), and this outfit from Spadio. :D (SLURL to iTuTu)

***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Imogene ankle boots in pumpkin
***Outfit: Spadio Cecara leggings, undershirt & orange shirt and tank from the iTuTu October Festival
***Head: iTuTu Pumpkin Head from the iTuTu October Festival

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leafy meow


I love the feeds right now. They're like October personified, happy and rusty-orange-gold and leaf-scented. I'm in some great things from Curious Kitties today. The hair and legwarmers are group gifts! The dress is from the autumn collection, in a pavillion a little away from the main tree. (SLURL to Curious Kitties.)


***Ears: Atomic V2 Neko Ear Pierced
***Paws: Lazy Places lucky cat boot paw
***Piercings: Deviant Kitties Grunt Set
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in yellow gold
***Leggings: DP**yumyum beige leggins
***Hair: Curious Kitties update group gift Nyanotech 09-3A hair pretty autumn
***Legwarmers: Curious Kitties ripped leaf legwarmers in orange
***Skin: Pink Fuel Elly Bloodthirsty skin
***Outfit: Deviant Kitties Fancy Autumn Dress - orange

Tall ships

a pirate lass for me?

Cîr dynd ah erain dynd
neledh lui neledh.
Man tyngir o dôr dhannen
or-aear hirol?
Geil odog a sern odog,
a galadh hilivren vîn.
-- Tolkien (what, you can't speak Sindarin?)

***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Aurum
***Hat: Pixel Dolls side feathered curled brim straw hat, probably vintage by now
***Nose bandaid: Hat Mechanic maus bandaid nose
***Boots: Kurotsubaki feather boots in brown
***Outfit: Evie's Closet Ren - red
***Skin: Lucky board from Mother Goose's, Leoni Hurt LB1
***Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui leaf necklace in copper
***Hair: Curio Fauxhemian in light red

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Elusyve in elven raiments

Elusyve Jewell of SLaundry

Tonight I stopped by the new Curious Kitties build, Fantasy Fuzz. The items in this shop are more faerie than neko, and when I saw the ears…skin…outfits…hair, I immediately pestered Elusyve Jewell. "Um…I saw this dress…and I think you need to buy it like right now k." She hesitated for a second or three because she has like a SHOP or something to prep for, but I managed to twist her arm. I'm glad I did, she looks absolutely stunning in this Protector of Wishes silk. (SLURL to CK: Fantasy Fuzz)

Such a teasing elf!

***Skin: "dafne" from PXL
***Hair: "Bromwyn" from Exile
***Lashes: "LesMakeups Lashes 11 -Tattoo" from MiaMai
***Anklets: "Shimmy Shimmy" from Magic Nook
***Dress: "Protector of Wishes - Memories" from Curious Kitties new fey shop, Fantasy Fuzz
***Poses: Gesticulate
***Location: Forest Feast

Want smellovision for the leaves!

Pretty autumn day

Last night, I played with a fluffy sweater, Straylight Botanical, and a bunch of different Windlight settings. My poor computer crashes if I breath the word 'shadow' on it, but I do like the way certain light settings bright out the orange of the Autumn trees. The hair is new from Maitreya, and the sweater is a soft and comfy item from Amerie Men. (SLURL to Amerie) (SLURL to Maitreya)

Pretty autumn day

***Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Rivendell Dark
***Skin: Den Dou Eito Dark /02 Stubble
***Pants: Surf Couture Belmar Skinny Jeans
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Severian Boots in Olive
***Hair: Maitreya Kim in Scandinavian Blond
***Sweater: Amerie Knit Sweater in Tan