Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gold and blue

Rebel Hope dress...

Rebel Hope created a gorgeous new frock -- clean lines with one perfect embellishment at the neck. I always like pretending that I'm some kind of fey princess in them. In this case, maybe I emerged from a pumpkin in honor of October. The poses are once again by Gesticulate!

Edit: Wahaha. Lately I've been posting pictures and then staring at them again, going, "Hmmm, are all the prims in place? Did I accidentally put my hand through a door?" Most of the time I've effed something up, honestly, and then siiiigh and retake my damned pictures. Today, luckily, I did ok on the first go-round. Ever have those moments?

Rebel Hope dress...

***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Achariya Orange
***Dress: Rebel Hope Designs Passion in pumpkin
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ (sky) chapiteau henley
***Skin: Mother Goose's Hena (2) - lucky board item
***Piercings: ellabella puritan spirit
***Bracelets: Illusions cord wraps
***Horns: Nivicola Mystica horns
***Hair: Lamb ugar HIccup Redo in Honeycomb, 50 L Friday item from yesterday
***Tattoo: HUZ Let's Fly in Gold
***Poses: Gesticulate

Friday, October 1, 2010

To gesture broadly


Gesticulate is the new pose shop created by two awesome bloggers, Gidge and Elusyve. They have an excellent understanding of the needs of a blogger, and their poses are nicely three-dimensional, not oddly distorted from certain angles. I like the playfulness and motion of these poses too !

I'm still enjoying the heck out of the Seasons hunt. Might as well call it the Acha hunt, because it has so much awesome, pretty, orange. :D


***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Achariya Orange
***Schadenfreude copper glitter manicure
***Hair: Clawtooth: one fine day, autumn mix, for the seasons hunt
***Jacket: Shop Sey denim jacket & hoodie - black
***Boots: amaama boots 001
***Turnip's pumpkin mash face mask for the seasons hunt
***Skin: &Bean seasons hunt - Old Bones IBLEWC3PO in the fall, in pale
***Skirt: Mocha fallen acorn mini (khaki), for the seasons hunt
***Poses by Gesticulate
***Pumpkins by Schadenfreude for the seasons hunt

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A wash of orange


***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Achariya Orange
***Nails: Schadenfreude copper glitter polish
***Skin: &Bean Old Bones IBLEWC3PO in the fall - seasons hunt item
***Bolero: Group gift from G*Field, ruffle bolero in pumpkin
***Tee: MichaMi Samara Tee in black
***Shoes: Ingenue Audrei in Persimmon
***Jewelry: Scribble Seasons Hunt autumn leaf set, necklace and mouth thingie
***Hair: Shag Let me kiss you in auburn

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coloring inside the lines for fun and profit

Twilek schoolgirl?

Hello! This outfit started with the latest Curious Kitties update group gift, this cute little kilt. Then, um, it became a Twilek Schoolgirl outfit. Makes sense right? Okay, it's late and I've had a long day.

***Belt: From the wrath suite by ~silentsparrow~
***Shirt: Schadenfreude White Oxford Shirt
***Boots: Gos Burlesque boots
***Hair: Tekeli-li Hali in Sapphire
***Socks: League Gartered Socks in white
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Succubus 4 (bloody)
***Skirt: Curious Kitties update group gift, evil kitty kilt

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mmm, sweet potater pie

Elate dress, Lazy Places hair!

Someone give me the motivation to clean house! It's almost 10 AM, I've been awake since 7, and so far the only thing I've done is mess about in SL! Granted, this reminds me of a quotation from Dorothy Parker: “Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.” ….Hm. I wish. At any rate, I'm wearing super-adorable hair from Lazy Places, the Zelda in this great Sweet Potaters color. (Go stare at the color names sometime, it'll make you giggle). I'm also in yet another perfect little frock by Elate!. (SLURL to Lazy Places) (SLURL to Elate!)

Elate dress, Lazy Places hair!

***Nails: Schadenfreude Copper Glitter Manicure
***Cigarette: From Naith Smit
***Shoes: SLink Jolie Pied Flat Suki Geta in black
***Tattoo: Garden of Ku dragon of the rising sun
***Dress: (Elate!) Mei in Ice
***Hair: Lazy Places Zelda in Sweet Potaters color
***Skin: fashionably dead singing grandpa - rosie grew wings

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes, kid's music, because I have one

Redheads are trouble

These lyrics were in my head today. I think they typify a strain of something in my family -- I have it, and sadly my daughter inherrited it. It's that streak of monkey.

…The trouble I find is that the trouble finds me
It's a part of my mind, it begins with a dream
And a feeling I get when I look and I see
That this world is a puzzle, I'll find all of the pieces
And put it all together, and then I'll rearrange it
I'll follow it forever...
Always be as strange as it seems.

-- Jack Johnson, from the Curious George soundtrack.

My outfit is from /artilleri/, and I think I'm going to have trouble taking it off. The hair is from LoQ, and I adore the color and construction of this long over-the-shoulder ponytail. Also, the skin is new from Cupcakes, with a deeply layerd skintone and lush, natural-looking lips.

***Piercings: Deviant Kitties Grunt Set
***Nails: Schadenfreude copper glitter nails
***Bracelets: Mandala Takara bangle zebra fur
***Outfit: /artilleri/ Claire playsuit in black
***Eyes: Mutsu coffee eyes
***Boots: J's Western Boots in black
***Skin: Cupcakes London Violet Dark Love
***Snake tat: Sn@tch python tattoo
***Other tat: HUZ horn eye black on the tattoo layer
***Other leg tat: ~silentsparrow~ crowjane
***Hair: LoQ hairs Cafe Mistro in Auburn

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three ponytails and some stubble


I really love Maitreya's new Lila hair. I was also asked to dress Acha in something casual like exercise clothing the other day. I don't own much of it, but when I ran into these orange sweatpants from the booN clothing boutique, I snapped them right up. Um, it was a long long long long weekend of much busy, and now I'm going to go pass out.


***Shoes: Hoorenbeek Sl Balance - men - grey
***Hair: Maitreya Lila in Almond
***Pants: booN Saikin sweat pants Q5 orange
***Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Rivendell Dark
***Shirt: Arai Pul Shirt 02 white
***Skin: Ugly Duck Raphael - darkbrow - cleanshaven