Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hair Fair: Curio (post #0020)

curio hair

You'll notice a few posts of mine have been all in pink and purple lately. This happens when I let my child climb onto my lap and pick my outfit. "Oohhh does that hair come in pink?" Why yes, yes it does. This is Curio's pretty and manneredly Fauxhemian hair, bound back with long braids. I do love the braids, and how they're accentuated by the very hip bangs. I'm wearing it with katat0nik's incredibly cute Happy Nurse dress. Will she make a Sad Nurse dress, all coated in blood? Hmmm… Oh and the skin is another pretty new makeup from Ugly Duck.

(SLURLs to the Hair Fair) (SLURL to Katat0nik)


***Horns: Schadenfreude small purple stripe horns
***Necklace: katt0nik locked heart choker
***Bracelets: katat0nik Achariya cuffs
***Outfit: katat0nik Happy Nurse Dress in purple
***Shoes: paper couture suede platform pumps / wrapped
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Venus
***Leg tat: katat0nik sugar rush
***Arm tats: katat0nik very cherry panda tattoo
***HAIR: Curio Fauxhemian - fairy pink

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hair Fair: Clawtooth (post #0019)

Clawtooth hair

I smell something. It smells a little bit like Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes, or maybe the caramel and cinnamon in my mocha. Actually, it smells like freshly fallen leaves -- which has to be a memory, because in Florida it smells more like midsummer. My avatar looks like an autumn leaf today, in her red RockinRolls hair from Clawtooth. I always love the cheek of Bubbles' hairs, they suit a retro look so perfectly. The shoes are new too, perfectly made Cassandra sandals from SLink. I managed to hit the skin-tone match on the first preset, which to me is like winning prim foot lotto. (SLURL to SLink) (SLURLs to the Hair Fair)

And silentsparrow

New SLink shoes

***Nails: MiaSnow nails, lolli red dark
***Skirt: Vintage ~silentsparrow~, (sun) Selador pencil skirt; the black version is still for sale
***Eyes: Ibanex Eyes, Rivendell Dark - honey
***Shoes: SLink Cassandra in pumpkin
***Hair: Clawtooth RockinRolls in Red eye flight color
***Shirt: Pig Cardigan narcissus cream
***Jewelry: paper couture fabric tassle earrings and cheetah's pride necklace
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith - Succubus 2 (veins)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hair Fair: Rosy Mood (post #0018)

Rosymood hair from the side...

I love Second Life. Where the hell else would I wear that suit with that hat? I think my partner talked me into becoming a redhead for a while, I'm not sure how she did that. Maybe it was the German accent in her typing, but I quite adore the copper shade of this soft be-hatted bob from Rosy Mood. The hat is scripted to color change, and the hair has pretty whispy bangs (Front view of the hair here). I think it suits the obi-tied suit here from Paper Couture. (SLURLs to the Hair Fair)

***Nails: Schadenfreude copper glitter nails
***Piercings: Deviant Kitties Grunt Set
***Tattoo: Aitui Pi equals
***Shoes: Inenue Audrei in persimmon
***HAIR: Rosy Mood Elite in Red
***Suit: Paper Couture spotted suit
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Succubus 2 (veins) (not yet released)
***Earrings: Paper Couture fabric Tassle Earrings

Hair Fair: Bishwear (post #0016)

A damsel with a dulcimer

The women of La Malvada Mujer are brilliant. They make the stuff that I really wish someone made, which is totally convenient. Today, that includes these two holy piercings, one by an arrow (spear?) in the heart, one in the rib. The big dark vinyl X tattoos come with arrow attachments, and suddenly I am on an episode of Buffy. The arrows matched this beautiful skin that you can't have yet, because Ugly Duck hasn't released it yet -- it's coming out on October 1st. This skin more than any others of her line seem to suit my lips: the makeup is lush and cupid-bow and perfect. The hair is a splendid, overwhelming confection from DBS, the Sweeny. The partner likes me red-headed, so I wore the rusty one for her.

(SLURL to La Malvada Mujer) (SLURLs to the Hair Fair)

***Skin: Preview of the Ugly Duck Lilith Succubus skin coming out on October 1st
***Horns: Hybrid Faun Horns
***Hooves: Queen Titania's Court female faun bits
***Wings: Material Squirrel Inspired Sparrow Wings
***Tattoo: HUZ Bloom
***Panties: Plastik Valerian thong in heartache
***Arrows and vinyl xes: La Malvada Mujer - Losing my religion
***HAIR: Bishwear DBS: Sweeny in rusty

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Fair: *Gwendolyn* (post #0015)


Some days I have shit luck with blog photos, yanno? I have an idea in my mind about what I want the photo to look like…then try to shoot it. Fail, it looks shitty. Then try again… Finally I have something that's eh, it's okay. The stuff I'm wearing is cool, though! I'm in a new outfit from Blue Blood, the Lorna. I had to wear this crazy pink and purple variety because the colors remind me of my little girl's ballet recital. The hair is new from *Gwendolyn*, and I really like the whimsical little braid dangling from the bangs. (SLURL to Blue Blood) (SLURLs to the Hair Fair)


***Skin: Nomine Pierrot Columbina ultralight
***Marionette thingie: LVS & CO Halloween AO from years ago
***Boots: J's thigh-high boots in bordeaux
***Outfit: Blue Blood Lorna in purple-pink
***HAIR: *Gwendolyn* Abigail in pink

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hair Fair: Frou Frou (post #0014)


Violet Voltaire's jewelry never fails to make me happy. She's made a set for the latest Black Bacchanal, and it makes my geekpunk heart happy to see the safety pins and British flags… It comes in earrings, a pin for one's jacket, bracelets, and a neck cuff. My outfit and shoes today are from Royal Blue. I'm so happy to see Marni creating again. Her dress is unique and carefully made, and I love the asymmetry of the top strap. The color is a surprising match to the sleek Mrs. Andrews bob from Frou Frou, which is (of course) at Hair Fair.

(SLURL to the Black Bacchanal) (SLURLs to the Hair Fair) (SLURL to Royal Blue)


***Eyes: Ibanez Eyes Rivendell Dark - Honey
***Dress: (Royal Blue) All Wrapped Up in Ruby
***Shoes: (Royal Blue) Treading Lightly Pumps in black
***Jacket: (Royal Blue) Soft Core Days jacket in coal
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Pretty Vacant pin, necklace and bracelet set for the Black Bacchanal
***Skin: Tres Blah Pale Jejune Halah - with freckles
***HAIR: Frou-Frou Mrs. Andrews in Brick

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hair Fair: Fashionably Dead (post #0013) for the triskedekaphobes

faun in a jacket

~silentsparrow~ just put out this beautiful jacket. It comes in a complete jacket version, and this cheeky one without the shoulders. I love how organic the lines are, mirroring petals, and how hand-drawn and dappled the fabric looks. I'm wearing it with hair from Fashionably Dead. Fashionably Dead is the kind of shop where I could park an avvie at the door and never leave -- for hair, skin, and clothing, I completely adore the whimsy of this designer. Toast's hair fair releases are no exception, and I love the clotted bangs and whispy ends of the Bug Lady. (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~) (SLURLs to the Hair Fair)

***Faun bits: Queen Titania's Court female faun bits
***Loin cloth: Illusions from the Hedera silks set
***JACKET: ~silentsparrow~ (amber) Puca Jacket in the off shoulder variety
***Bra straps under jacket: Schadenfreude Marron Cirque Bra
***Necklace: ~Scribble~ Amber Ant necklace
***Skin: &Bean Hounds of Love Vessla Light
***Hair: Fashionably Dead Bug Lady in solo dancer color
***Horns: Illusions Nivicola Mystical Horns