Saturday, August 28, 2010

A nuclear error

"What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?"

This morning, Miss Cajsa (above) photographed me for her blog, It's Only Fashion. See my boy avvie go punk here! She did a lovely job, and I'm honored to be on the blog!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Someday we'll fly away...


Hunain made a new tattoo. It's very, very pretty, and necessitated a bare arse shot of my boy avatar. Aside from that, I'm waiting for my goddamned brand new MacBook Pro to ship. Sadly I have to work in 15 minutes, and I know -- I just know -- it'll come about ten minutes after I leave. *cry* Ok, enough of my whining, go get this lovely 2.1 tattoo at HUZ.


***Hair: Fri.Day Melanie.2 Anxious Blond
***Tattoo: HUZ Let's Fly in black
***Eyes: Mutsu Neko Eyes in blue
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lucifer - Scar - Lip III
***Poses: by someone out-of-business :(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't crush my velvet

Frick skin...

Hey Gidge, I lens-flared for you in the bottom picture. :D

I'm wearing items from one of my favorite designers, Fricka Morgath. The Song of Valor skin has her usual lovely little cupid-bow mouth, and the eye makeup is a soft deep purple. The distressed purple corset is by Fricka too, and can be purchased to match the skin. Cause why not? (SLURL to Frick)


***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Miss Dandy - silver
***Pants: Miel Mo Pocket Pants in coal
***Tattoo: HUZ Om
***Skin: Frick Song of Valor - Sugar - Clvg
***Corset: Frick The Bard's Corset - song of valor
***Glasses: Lazy Places Nerdy Girl Glasses from a gatcha event
***Wristlets: ~silentsparrow~ chapiteau wristlettes in ash
***Hair: Clawtooth: Somebody's Lady - AutumnMix

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We fall into potholes on a mission to save the world

Wishbox & Curious Kitties

After a long, hard day of cosplay in Harajuku, Acha trudges home, hiking up the strap of her Alice outfit… Or something. Wishbox has been making the loveliest wee lolita dresses of late. I dig this interpretation of Alice -- there are so many -- especially because of the macabre print on the fabric. It comes with leggings, which Acha took off sometime in the hot afternoon. My hair is a group gift from Curious Kitties, part of the Nyanotech hair that changes with the cool hud. Also, the flower necklace is a gatcha item from the Curious Kitties summer festival. I love Japanese festivals, and then my inventory cries… (SLURL to Wishbox) (SLURL to Curious Kitties)

Wishbox & Curious Kitties

***Hair: Curious Kitties group gift - nyanotech 09-2B hair - Tropika
***Necklace: Curious Kitties fantasy butterfly flower necklace - water - gatcha item
***Dress: Wishbox Malice in Wonderland
***Glasses: Lazy Places cute nerdy girl glasses - gatcha item
***Eyes: Ugly Duck Harlequin
***Skin: Ugly Duck - Lilith II
***Tattoo: Aitui Tattoo - The Dancing Crow

Monday, August 23, 2010

I think only Katat0nik reads my post titles


Two new things today. My dress, the Shatter Me from Weird Designs, and my skin, Ugly Duck's Lilith in Streaked makeup. Lilith has no eyebrows, and I love how Geiger Alien this makes me look. Shatter me has frills and bows and froth and no shattered parts. It also has pasties instead of a shirt, and a neat little bow below your assets. (SLURL to Ugly Duck) (SLURL to Weird Designs)


***Tattoo: CSBA dragonfly fullbody henna
***Ribbons: Honey Kitty gatcha ribbons 02 in chocolate
***Dress: Weird Designs shatter me in white
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Streaked I
***Eyes: Ugly Duck Harlequin
***Hair: Clawtooth Listen Up in orange you glad
***Shoes: Ingenue Audrei inPersimmon
***Poses: Del May

Sunday, August 22, 2010

From out of the depths of the Objects folder...


So there I was sorting inventory when I stumbled across this Laughing Academy dress, the Queenie frock. By the looks of the objects folder it was probably from March or April, bought around the same time that I got this lovely necklace from G*Field. Hmm. So that's where that went. I'm wearing it with some long-lost Tiny Bird hair, and something brand spanking new -- this beautiful skin from Ugly Duck named Lilith. Go to the shop and see how pure and pretty and slightly alien the makeup is! (SLURL to Ugly Duck) (SLURL to Laughing Academy)

***Hair: Tiny Bird Love Love Love in natural blonde
***Necklace and bracelets: G*Field Rose Lace Jewelry Set
***Outfit: Laughing Academy Queenie frock
***Eyes: Ugly Duck liquid
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith I