Saturday, July 24, 2010

Annihilating all that's made


Saturday morning noises. Spongebob on the telly. Husband chatting about our daily schedule. Family in town, house needs to be cleaned, long night of work ahead of me. I close the store on Saturday nights, and they are notoriously busy with tourists escaping the theme park crowds and heat. In SL, I'm still a wash of monochrome. I don't know why, maybe I'm seeking protective covering? The awesome strings tied around me were Scribble's 50L Friday item yesterday, and the unitard is on sale at Blur. (SLURL to Scribble) (SLURL to Blur)


***Hair: Draconic Kiss Demona in silver
***Skin: Ugly Duck group gift Snow Queen
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in blue
***Ear and chin rings: Miasnow piercings
***Shoes: Ingenue Dianthus in silver
***Unitard: Scribble Her Ghost Unitard in blue
***Extra string: Scribble String Theory in white - yesterday's 50L Friday item
***Poses: by Lotta

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Deadlight's birthday party

Happy birthday, Miss Summer Deadlight! The party was fun, and I liked people's outfits so much that I decided to post 'em in my blog. (Those of you who I didn't snap, apologizes, it's cause either I crashed or you didn't rez.)


Winter Jefferson


Happy birthday, Summer!


It's 5AM, and you are listening to Los Angeles


I'm wearing a bevy of new things this morning! Absolutely brand new is this dress by Scribble, the Seven Day Dress. It comes with three kinds of skirt, and I love the quirky silhouette and gauzy overskirt. Next, I am adorned with a brand new tattoo from HUZ. This might be my favorite tattoo of his -- the old-fashioned heart is joined by an 8-balls and flames, and a random interesting face in the middle of the back. It looks like some of my coworkers! And last but totally not least, Violet Voltaire has created a jewelry set out of pincushions -- a headband and bracelet (and necklace, not shown). I love the quirkiness of this set too, truly beautiful and Alice-inspired. Yes, I'm awake at 5:30 AM…

(SLURL to Scribble) (SLURL to HUZ) (SLURL to Violet Voltaire)



***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes dark wood large
***Monocle: Nala monocle pin left
***Skin: tres blah arsenic blur makeup
***Tattoo: HUZ lovesick
***Hair: Exile Kalea / chestnut
***Shoes: Gos Espadrilles with the pink and charcoal color packs
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Pin cushion Queen bracelet and headdress
***Dress: Scribble Seven Days Dress

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Abigale, see what you've done

hyasynth's hats!

OMG, it's an actual fashion blog post for a change. (Also, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when pretty white Blur is no longer around for photography.) Two notable new things in my outfit today. First, a lovely little dress from Elate!. Elate! dresses are ultimately flexible, simple and pretty, so I never fail to wear it with a slightly inhuman avatar. Second, ~silentsparrow~ has a freaking adorable group gift out in the shop right now. A set of cute little bowler hats with birds on 'em, in a variety of colors. Clearly this one was Acha-colored, so I had to wear it. :D (SLURL to Elate!) (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~)

hyasynth's hats!

***Eyes: Poetic Color eyes - dark wood - large
***Hooves: Queen Titania's Court female faun in fire
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Luna - dark chocolate
***Nails: Schadenfreude copper glitter nails
***Bracelet: Spica wood cross bracelet
***Dress: (Elate!) dawn dress (sunset color)
***Scarf: Cubic Effect stole in off-white (tinted)
***Skin: Plastik lionheart - poet in story tone
***Hat: ~silentsparrow~ group gift strange bird hat in chocolate

I'll follow you until you love me

More from Blur. My modus operandi is to hop into Blur at a random time and snap whoever is there. Perhaps I'll see you there ;). (SLURL to Blur)

kaeru seaside
Kaeru Seaside

creag llewellyn
Creag Llewellyn

Yuval Aie
Yuval Aie

Noa Arrowmint
Noa Arrowmint

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Le pounce

More photos from Blur (SLURL here). I hopped there at 2 AM and caught a few interesting people wandering around the installation. If you'd rather not have your photo on my blog, just let me know and I'll take it down! Also, my own blur outfit is at the bottom, Miel's blur dress paired with Katat0nik's gatcha boots and some older stuff from inventory (Nomine's doll skin, Calico hair). Why have I been so into monochrome lately? Hm.

Odelia Boram

from blur
nomad Sharpshire

Monday, July 19, 2010


First, congratulations to all the nominees! I think they are well-deserved, and I am going to find it tough to vote! Second, here are more pictures from the Blur installation (SLURL here). Various people that I snapped papparazzi-style. :D

Ritsu Tyles

Quika Basevi

Ashanti LeShelle

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm your biggest fan

Fair warning. The Blur installation is the perfect backdrop for photography, and I love people watching, so I snapped some papparazzi shots of random people at the exhibit this morning. (At 4:30 AM. Don't ask. Goddamned resetting alarm.) If this is you, just comment in flickr, ok? I'm going to haunt Blur and take more photos, so everybody dress up all spiffy! (SLURL to Blur)

spotted at blur

spotted at blur

spotted at blur
I'm wearing an Ugly Duck group gift skin and one of Pigshop's bikinis.