Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not the band


Above is a photograph of Allegory Malaprop and myself at the blur exhibition. I cammed all over this bleached and grey installation and thought: Hm. Where are the vendors? "They're hidden," Allegory said gleefully. I'm in her new dress for this event, the Noir Geraldine in white. White is a bitch to design properly, I know, but she really succeeded. (SLURL to Blur)

Friday, July 16, 2010



A few things. Today I'm in Katat0nik's 50L Friday dress, the musik frock that totally goes with her boots from the Gatcha festival. I also bought League's high-cut tanga, which I'm totally wearing right beneath that demure skirt. If you upskirt me, you can see it. ;) I'm also adorned with Schadenfreude's items from the blur exhibit, which opens up tonight at 6 PM SLT -- the pure white shoulder bird and the white mask. She's also got an amazing white take on the Geraldine dress, which I'm not sure I'll take off anytime soon. It's my retail Monday, so off I go to the work world… (SLURL to Katat0nik) (SLURL to blur, which opens today at 6 PM SLT)


***Necklace: Schadenfreude Jerry's Lament choker
***Stockings: Reasonable Desires tintable white cancan stockings
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in purple
***Outfit: Katat0nik musik dress for 50L Friday (today)
***Tattoo: Bare Rose from the tiger tribe outfit, tintable
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Estris II - snow
***Shoes: Katat0nik gatcha sweetheart boots in white
***Skin: Ugly Duck Valentina (freckled)
***Gloves: Schadenfreude from the one eyed jack outfit in clubs
***Mask and bird: Schadenfreude items from the Blur installation.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ask me anything

Miasnow Myriam

Elu posted this link to Jewel Undercover on plurk just now. I watched it through and was struck by a comment someone from the crowd made. "At first I thought she was kind of homely, until she started dancing and singing all sexy…" So perhaps personality outshines appearance, sometimes? Maybe? :D … I thought about this in terms of Second Life, and how plurk sometimes exposes the personality behind the nice pretty image on the screen. Including mine, of course! I'm not sure what the moral to this post is, except that Miasnow is lovely inside and out, and it was a pleasure photographing her for my blog.


Miasnow is wearing:
***hair by lamb
***jewlery by RIPE
***outfit by i love 13
***shoes by *ZHAO*
***skin by MIASNOW

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Wolf, No Moon


Okay. I admit that the whole time I was making this image, I had the Three Wolf Moon opera going through my head. Have you heard about this meme? If you haven't here's a little instructional video about it. The song is evil and infections, like ironic Disney. Anyway, the actual intent of this post was to dress up as Mononoke-hime, inspired by yet another Den-Dou Gatcha skin (aptly named Mononoke). I love doing Second Life cosplay -- it's cheaper and easier than the real thing, by far (wait, this may be the whole entire point of SL). Here is my source photo. I did okay. Came close! Maybe this is Mononoke kinda grown up...


***Vest: ~silentsparrow~ Lysi leather vest from the set
***Cloak: Hat Mechanic King Bear Cloak (decorated)
***Boots: Kurotsubaki feather boots in brown
***Skirt: ~silentsparrow~ Luna skirt and bloomers from the set
***Feathers: Scribble braid crown beads & feathers
***Tattoos: EtchD fingerpaint
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in purple
***Arm cords: Illusions cord wraps in small
***Hair: Fashionably Dead sparks in dust
***Skin: Den-Dou gatcha skin, mononoke girl

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Infra called me a sad ninja mummy


I got a monster in my closet
Someone's underneath my bed
The wind's knocking at my window
I'd kill it but it's already dead…

I used to wonder why he looked familiar
Then I realized it was a mirror
And now it is plain to see
The whole time the monster was me…

-- Lyrics to The Boogie Monster by Gnarls Barkley


***Eyes: Plastik jaded collection mischa green
***Gloves: Vintage Sprawl
***Piercing: Acid & Mala shut up! piercing - key
***Blood: Vintage ~silentsparrow~
***Stole: Cubic Effect stole in off-white
***Skin: Den-Dou Bandage Girl from the skin gatcha
***Dress: So Many Styles Antique Maxi Dress in white
***Poses: Long Awkward Pose Shy Guy

Monday, July 12, 2010

Silver Girl indeed


Gatcha gatcha everywhere… I ran into the Den-Dou girl's pack II gatcha while out shopping at DP**yumyum the other day, and immediately got one of my favorite whimsical skintones, this silver one. If I could have silver skin in real life, I totally would. Other cool things include the Gos Espadrilles with Gos's usual, seductive plethora of color jars. I like that the toe is covered, and I like being able to play with the textures of the laces, toe, seam and ribbon all seperately. I'm also wearing a 50L Friday (last week) dress from Scribble, and Lazy Places gatcha glasses from the Albero fair (I've had them on for days. Awesome glasses). And now I'm a little late for work...


***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in purple
***Glasses: Lazy Places Cute Nerdy Girl Glasses (classy) Albero gatcha fest item
***Hair: Tiny Bird Quiet Houses in faded silver
***Shoes: Gos Espadrilles in white with charcoal lacings (you get the two different color packs and mix)
***Dress: Scribble silver cotton dress, 50L item last week
***Skin: Den-Dou silver girl gatcha skin
***Wing tattoos: from the ~silentsparrow~ Geist batty suit from xstreet

Sunday, July 11, 2010

100 Followers. Thanks ;)

With Mr. Rogan Diesel


Also, the poses are all by Mr. Rogan Diesel. I'm in a few of his new female poses, the MoMo II set, and he is in the Alagan male pose set. I like what he's done with the MoMo II. They're saucy and evocative, and my avatar looks all sex-kitteny in them. I tried to get him to pose in his female poses too, but the guy resisted. I'll bend him eventually, o yes… (SLURL to DieselWorks)

*cough* Go Holland Go.



Mr. Diesel:
***Hair - Uncle Web Studios - Robin-Hair size-L Meteoric swarm (
***Shoes - AKEYO_chuck-LowTop_open
***Eyes - (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Silver Screen
***Bracelet - Black Leather Bracelet 'X' II (L) - CS Creation (Cameel Spyker)
***Shorts - [LeLutka]-TRAY pants/black
***Tattoo - Tattoo KOiKOi 2.0_GoK (danel Kurosawa - Garden of Ku)
***Skin - no.07 :: Demetris - Tanned :: Goatee 02 (Aeon Jiminy)
***Tank - *Muism* MTT/Maroon
***Piercings - Antic Set from Gritty Kitty (Edited)

***Nails: Schadenfreude Copper Glitter Manicure
***Outfit: DP**yumyum tube top dress (yellow)
***Skin: Plastik Lionheart poet saga freckles empress
***Eyes: Mutsu Star Eyes in yellow/gold
***Hair: Tekuteku marbles (sienna)
***Tattoo: Aitui tattoo with force we go