Saturday, June 5, 2010

Copper bones


You can't actually have any of the ~silentsparrow~ clothing in this photo, but your alt can! Or your 30-days-or-younger newbie pal. This is a box full of lovely stuff for new residents from ~silentsparrow~, enough outfit bits to keep a newbie (or oldbie like me) playing for hours. There are bits suitable for boys, too (pants and a shirt and shrug bits), and many bits for girls. I've mixed them in with a brand new skin from Ugly Duck -- a unisex-makeup skin named Kala which I will write a better review of at some point -- and new hair from Calico Ingmann Creations. I kind of adore this hair. It looks remarkably like my real life hair, only more copper.

(SLURL to ~silentsparrow~), (SLURL to Ugly Duck), (SLURL to CIC)

***Outfits: (Pumpkin!) Suites silentsparrow gift for new residents, including two shirts and a jacket on many layers, socks, pants and a skirt!
***Eyes: NP Lunar eyes - gold
***Horns: ~PS~ Horns SE Multi 1b
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Tracy - Light Copper
***Pants: League Combat Shorts - purple - female fit
***Skin: Ugly Duck Kala unisex skin in F4
***Boots: Amaama boots 001

Friday, June 4, 2010

A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window

Milla Michinaga

Miss Milla came out with some new releases from her store today, a sexy mesh tank top. I saw the releases and thought about photographing myself in them, but honestly I missed seeing Milla's face out in the blogosphere. Here she is in her own creation, and I think she totally embodies the elegance of her shop. What a lovely, hard-working person! (SLURL to MichaMi)


***Hair: Sydney in Champagne by Truth
***Skin: GwEN (Ocean) in Cream by Dutch Touch
***Eyes: Mystery (bright) by Poetic Colors
***Nails: Starley II by Deviant Nation, Celestial Studios
***Bra: Trikaya Brazier in Ebony
***Tank: Nina Mesh Tank in Steel by MichaMi
***Leggings: Ida Leggings in Black (part of outfit) by MichaMi
***Shoes: Allure in Black by Maitreya
***Necklace: Multiple Chain Necklace by Yummy
***Bangles: Double Large Diamond Bangles by Digital Dragon Design

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm in ur page, breakin ur width

Me and Lucius and Gianni

A few days ago I saw that Mocha had some kind of free item. I teleported to what I THOUGHT was the Mocha main store…and encountered a cute little summer festival instead. There are Gatcha machines…oh so addictive. Jackal and I took a picture in our Gatcha animal hair over here. Ringing the little gatcha area are shops. One of them, Euclid, had these pants - ! They were so neat that I called in a few likely suspects to buy 'em with me. (Also notable, my high-lacing sneakers from another shop in this ring, Amaama.)

( Go browse the little Paw Paw summer festival! )

On Gianni:
***Necklace-Whippet & Buck
***Earrings-Paper Couture
***Pants- euclid_ sexy baggy in tan

On Luc:
***tattoo - teschi diamante & mani carte
***pants - euclid_ sexy baggy in blue
***shoes - hoc apparel
***hair - je republic agyness
***eyes - mad promise eyes blue intense
***skin - ispachi/fu manchu
***aviatorrs - p.c
***v-neck - pig

On Acha:
***Socks: Vitamen sockgarter with black socks
***Shoes: Amaama + long sneakers
***Shorts: Euclid short baggy (blue gray)
***Hair: !lamb ambrosia rotten carrot
***Shirt: G Field Silky Blouse "charlotte" in ivory
***Skin: Ugly Duck Gatcha 2 Skin 6 gold

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shyness is nice

Jameson Kipling & Creamy Cooljoke

I ran into Creamy and Jameson today while wandering around the grid. Creamy looked cute, and Jameson looked dapper, and soon we were all in my photo globe discussing how parts of America relate to various body parts. (The word 'taint' was used once or twice.) It was lovely to see Creamy, and I reminded her that this blog is her fault and Hethr's for encouraging me. NOW SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE. Also, I want Jameson's AO and Creamy's Vooner satchel.


On Mr. Jameson:
***Eyes: (FD) Blue Eyes
***Skin: (NO) Light Toast - Victorian Sideburns - Bear Man
***Glasses: (W) Ray-band Glasses
***Shoes: *COCO* Black Oxford Shoes
***Shirt: /emery/ *TheAtaris White shirt
***Tie: /emery/ Black Tie
***Sweater: /emery/ Cardigan Rare Love
***Pants: /emery/ Denim #5
***Socks: Pig - Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Zigfield S
***Hairs: Uw.St Al-Hair type-A Coffee

On Miss Creamy:
***Shirt: I am robot and proud Tshirt - *eha ( Gacha item - coming soon)
***Shoes ::Kookie: Oafs / Cloud white
***{MV} Floral Print Harem Pants
***Hair - *eha~ Yuki Light Red
***Eyes - liquid amber Poetic Colour
***Skin - &Bean - Hounds of love LIGHT Clammie (Trilogy)
***Hair: Summer headband [Pen and Notebook] - Duboo (Gacha item)
***Bag: *VOONER*MARTI BAG_book
***Earrings: *VOONER*ScullCross Pias earrings
***Mouth thingie: *fllo*candy light blue in mouth

Wicked game


Faina and Bliss opened up a tattoo parlor named La Malvada Mujer, or The Wicked Women. Suits those two troublemakers to a T, and I'm incredibly proud to sport their cabalistic designs on my skin. Faina is an awesome artist to begin with, and her taste is dark and quirky and cool.

Funny story about this tattoo… Last week I had a long conversation with one of my coworkers about how he'd like a tattoo of Jesus on his upper arm, just like a certain famous boxer. "Unique and interesting," I thought. And now, in a fit of Jungian synchronicity, I've got one too. I guess mystical symbols are synchronous like that.

(Go visit La Malvada Mujer)

***Shorts: Amerie M Loose Pants (blue)
***Hair: Truth Jared in golden
***Skin: Raphael (dark brows, 5 o'clock freckles)
***Lip ring: Lazy Places Ballz! lip ring
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in blue
***Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer - La Vergine

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let the Bible Belt come and save my soul

With Miss Strawberry Singh

Little ditty about Jack and Diane,
Two American kids growing up in the heartland.
Jackie's gonna be a football star,
Diane's a debutante in the backseat of Jackie's car.

Jackie sits back reflects his thoughts for a moment
Scratches his head and does his best James Dean.
Well you know, Diane, we oughtta run for the city
Diane says, baby you ain't missing a thing.

-- John Melloncamp


On the mama:
***Skin: Dutch Touch - Isis Cotton Liner Red by Iki Ikarus
***Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes - quicksilver by Lano Ling
***Hair: Truth - Gloria Chocolate by Truth Hawks
***Dress: PixelDolls - Aire Brick by Scarlett Butler
***Shoes: Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps Black by Fallingwater Cellardoor
***Tattoo: Aitui - Cherry Blossoms by Jesseaitui Petion
***Cherries in mouth: Mini Me - Cherries by Minni Fall
***Earrings: KCD - Silver Bamboomerangs by Kimberly Casanov
***Glasses: HOC - Skinny Framed Glasses #002 by Guu Nishi
***Ring: TOSL - Fruitylicious Ring v1.4 Cerises by Quinlan Quimby
***Poses: !BANG by Trieste Minuet

On the daddy-o
***Hair: /artilleri/ creeper in golden blond
***Earrings: FlipSide tunnel and hoops ear set
***Cigarette: by Naith Smit
***Glasses: /artilleri/ Buddy glasses
***Shirt: Vitamen ribbed cotton tank
***Jacket: Grasp leather biker jacket in brown
***Pants: Zaara classic jeans in charcoal
***Tattoo: I love Rien retro hotties tattoo
***Tape: Sinistyle taped fingers with black nails
***Skin: Den-Dou Eito light /01 clean (bald)
***Socks: A&M urban tube socks - gatcha item

When I wake in the morning I stumble

With Lucius

Once upon a time Lucius said something pretty wise. "Style doesn't depend upon money," he said. It's true, and as always the bastard looks effortlessly elegant just standing there in his t-shirt and rolled-up pants. Acha is in new hair and a new skin today. TekuTeku put out their Summer line, which means that I went and bought every damned thing on their 'new' table earlier. I love the few men's hairs (EkoEko) that were out, including this one, Sugar in Cream color. I'm also in a new skin from Illninia, the Jude in light tone. I think that the combination of hair and skin makes me look like a scruffy hippie, which is great -- that's definitely my boy avatar's style. (SLURL to TekuTeku) (SLURL to Illninia)


On Luc:
***tattoo scheleto, tattoo mani dadi, both by faina cortes
***long tpocket black shirt by arai
***rock pale skin by den-dou
***caramel brown zac hair by lelutka
***lowtops in classic colors by hoc apparel
***eyes in naturals tru blue by mad
***rings cheri and cross ring
***slapping pete pants by pig

On Acha:
***Eyes: Plastik onicollection - cumulus - mandrake
***Earrngs: FlipSide tunnel and hoop set
***Piercings: Deviant Kitties Grunt Set
***Jeans: /artilleri/ burt jeans in medium blue
***Bracelet: Studio Sidhe beaded bracelet (brown, yellow & black)
***Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui I dreamt of the forest
***Tattoo: Tramp Stamp Fairie Story
***Shoes: Picnic Panu Shoes in Cow
***Hair: EkoEko Sugar (cream)
***Shirt: Garage Bowling Shirt in Yellow
***Skin: Illninia Skins 11 Jude Light
***Kamerad: Lucius Godard

Monday, May 31, 2010

There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza dear Liza...

Further Monday

Today I was self-absorbed until Further pointed out that, f***, there are better things to worry about. Thank you, Further.


There was a time when my world
was filled with darkness
And I stopped dreaming, now
I'm supposed to fill it up with something.

There is a hole and I tried to fill up with money,
But it gets bigger till your horse is always running.
In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody
That could be strong.

Tell me if I'm wrong.
And now I'm pulling your disguise up
Are you free or are you tied up?

I change shapes just to hide in this place
but I'm still, I'm still an animal
Nobody knows it but me when I slip
I'm still an animal

-- Miike Snow, Animal


***Avatar: Lost Furest Evolutions Black Male Wolf
***All clothing: Wretched Dollies Lord Hollow
***Umbrella: Weather! or not? OMGothbrella/Fire n Brimbrella

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Underneath the crooked apple trees


I had the good fortune to encounter so many cute things today! For example, this babydoll-sailor outfit from Honey+Kitty. It comes in a few dark colors and a few light ones, and has long and short sleeve options. It goes so well with this new umbrella from !WorN?, inspired by hyasynth's strawberry tattoo set. The umbrella has a wrought iron handle and a gorgeous green canopy and emits happiness in the form of strawberries and daisies. Please do go see it, and the strawberry tattoo from ~silentsparrow~ too. (SLURL to !WorN?)


***Hair: BP* spring short bob2/sakura1
***Boots: Katat0nik scripted rain boots
***Socks: Honey Kitty rose dot overknee socks
***Dress: Honey Kitty (white) girly sailor onepiece
***Brolly: !WorN? strawbella
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in blue
***Ears: SLink and Studio Sidhe sachara crystal elf ears
***Skin: Den-Dou Keiko snow /06 red
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ strawberry vines ornate upper tattoos

Time to turn into a girl

Makenzie Irling

Waaaay too hungover and sleepy to write much intelligent here. Makenzie was kind enough to pose for me today. I gave her the theme, "tomboy -- neko without the ears and tail." She did a lovely job of interpreting the theme, especially in that great baggy shirt from Ninikoboy (I love that shop). Oh, I tried to look for lyrics about tomboys, and damn the Beach Boys song "Hey Little Tomboy" is creepy.


***Hair: *ARGRACE* - Baseball Cap Relaxed Ponytail
***Skin: *DEN-DOU* - Eiko Rich 02
***Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poison Ivy
***Lashes: Deviant Kitties - Prim Lashes 01
***Ears: MW Ilweran - Elven Ear Miril
***Shirt: NINIKOBOY - Greeeeeen Shirt
***Shorts: [SC] - Shack Shorts Dark Blue
***Socks: :sey - 3line Socks
***Boots: ROT - Test Boots
***Belt: -END- - Canvas Belt
***Cigarette: Primitive Design - Long Ash
***Nose Bandaid: Hat Mechanic - Last Rites Bandaid Nose
***Knee Bandaid: Reek - Bandaids Plain