Saturday, May 29, 2010

Allegory in Pig

Allegory Malaprop

My secret impetus to blogging other people (with me?) is that it is a much more fun way to spend my evening than staring at myself in a photo globe. I spent years doing that, and now I'm wondering if it was worth it. Blogging is so disposable sometimes! I guess it's best to just enjoy the process and not cling to the results… When Allegory asked what to wear, I said, Pig Shop. I love seeing how designers interpret each other's clothing, and Allegory looks so perfectly herself in Apatia's stuff. (SLURL to Pig)

"Um, Acha? There's an enormous f***ing rat behind you..."

***overshirt: Pig Guayabera Black Sheer
***undershirt: Pig Ozfest '97 Super Cool Tank Black
***pants: Pig Crosstown ShortPants Asphalt
***socks: Pig Argyle Sock M. Suspender Allegory
***shoes: SMERSH Those Shoes Black
***tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ fledermaus tattoos
***skin: Schadenfreude Alabaster Langwidere Banshee Black
***hair: Schadenfreude Veronique
***ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears, Spiral Horns
***eyes: unreleased

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sharks as long as a schoolbus

Gianni Broda

I decided to feature Miss Gianni today because of a plurk that she'd made. In this plurk, she expressed her annoyance at shallow-minded people who gave her "advice" about her avatar. You know, LOOK MORE NORMAL. Why? I'm still not sure why we're holding to the idea of human representation at all, given the vast license for creativity that our fake world affords. Gianni is gorgeous in her own way, but most so because she expresses some creativity instead of defaulting to the bland, bland, bland norm. Go Gianni go!



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Accelerate, accelerate

the sim is where

This Teeny Meeny Dress (that's the name of it) by Ezura is so small that the first thing Jackal said when she saw it was, "Miss, I can see your panties." It's true, you totally can (can-can-can?). The dress is burlesque with a steampunky fabric, totally lingerie for the discriminating cog-elf. I'm wearing it over Plastik's unique bright new Lionheart skin in Goldleaf (I love Aikea's names for stuff). (SLURL to Ezura) (SLURL to Plastik)

the chicken feet

a better photo of the tails

***Hair: (vintage hiccup!)
***Goggles: ~silentsparrow~ from the Lysander set
***Dress: Ezura Teeny Meeny Dress *Silver
***Skin, ears, eyes: Plastik Lionheart in Goldleaf with elven ears and biopolar sun eyes
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui imogene ankle boots in grey

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He's shiny and he knows it

Mr. Gabe Bookmite

"Look cute," I suggested. "How about cute and kinda steampunk," he suggested back, and this was the result. Damn if he doesn't look cute and kinda steampunk. He's wearing an outfit by BlakOpal, and carrying the damned thing off. I'm a woman who sometimes plays a male avatar and I admit to being extremely careful about stuff like this -- I think it takes an actually guy to carry off a peacock-patterened waistcoat, jacket and breaches. In that bottom photo I'm totally giving Gabe instructions on how to emote for the scene. "This take, try to do it with more arrogance. Pretend you're a prince. No? Ok, pretend you're a princess." (Gabe's fashion blog is over here.)



***Skin: Signature Rob Faite - Tone 3 - HAIR - Shaved
***Hair: ZEUS Y-15 5color blond
***Eyes: :: Exodi :: Zbilja Eyes (Hazel)
***Outfit: BlakOpal Peacock Suit For Men
***Boots: [0N] Wo Boots
***Pose: Pose-ology(Basics_1), Glitterati -010 or Glitterati - Pork sword 5(this was the last pose)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ah, woe betide!


O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms? Did you perchance meet up with a stray elf-girl in a corset? Hmmm. Gotta watch out for those, they can lead you astray. Acha went off hunting elf-boys this morning in a new skin by Plastik, part of the Lionheart series. She's also got on brand-new tattoos from ~silentsparrow~, very innocent looking strawberry vines, and new striped wristlettes too. I'm going to leave Acha to play her elf games and head off to play some Real Life. Enjoy your Tuesdays! (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~)


Sim: Oubliette. So pretty, with one of Saiyge's wagons behind me

On the temptress
***Skin and ears and eyes: Plastik Lionheart Elven Angel Freckled with cumulous eyes and elven ears
***Corset: Ingenue Angelique corset in noir
***Boots: Gos Burlesque boots in black
***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ strawberry vines tattoo set
***Hair: Tiny Bird Quiet Houses - grey
***Wristicuffs: ~silentsparrow~ (batty) (ash) chapiteau wristlette

On the poor victim
***Ears: scribble elf ears
***Pants: silentsparrow gloomy soot, suit pants
***Skin: den dou vampire skin light
***Eyes: den dou vampire eyes
***Hair: maitreya jaiden
***Tattoo: etchD saga
***Blindfold: illusions

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kåt on a hot tin roof


Hello. How's your day going? I've had a slightly surreal morning, and I can't quite put my finger on why. Different sky? Different air? Maybe it's the Floridian summer heat creeping over everything and melting us into one vast undifferentiated mass. This is all to say that my SL avatar wants snow. Barring that, she's dressed for summer in MichaMi's new Kat outfit (are you sure it's not Kåt, Mimi?). She's also got on high-heeled sneaker thingies from Tesla for that sexy-geek look, and new Gos Cateye glasses too. Now to face the hot evening and melt into my beer...


***Socks: Mocha loose socks in plain dirty gray
***Glasses: Gos custom eyewear v5.0b Cateye
***Eyes: Exodi Zbilja 2.0 deep (deep honey) (lg/v)
***Hair: Mary's Magic - peanut
***Shoes: Tesla Silver city messenger Heels in Sky Runner color
***Skin: Exodi Dael Nuit 8 (lt/f/c)
***Outfit: MichaMi Kat in silver black
***Poses: Diesel Works Alagan

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Diesel works for me too


Poor Rogan Diesel. Sends me poses, like the cute girlfriend poses from last week, and I end up genderbending them. A little while ago I was sent a new set of lovely male AO poses…and *cough* doesn't Acha look fetching in them? She's wearing an 80s power suit of sorts with this beautifully textured (Elate!) belted miniskirt and new pick reward vest from ~silentsparrow~. I highly recommend putting that sim in your picks, hyasynth's pick rewards are usually well worth gathering up. This packet of waistcoats comes in two layers and five-ish? colors. (I forget.) Now I'm off to the park with my kid! Yay Sundays.


***Hair: JE*Republic Platinum - claudia brown
***Shirt: Connors white dress shirt from the sweater rose set
***Waistcoat: ~silentsparrow~ Blodeuwedd waistcoat in chocolate, picks reward!
***Eyes: Exodi Look into my … tequila sunrise LG
***Skin: Exodi Dael Nuit 8 (dk)
***Skirt: (Elate!) Alex skirt in chocolate
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Severian in rust
***Poses: Diesel Works Alagan, click to see how they should look, lol.