Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Last Shirtless Man(lady)

Miss Bubbles Clawtooth

And so we come to the end of Shirtless Man Month. Happy May Day everyone! The grand finale of this series is really the only possible choice: Bubbles Clawtooth. She graciously consented to end the series, but said she couldn't possibly go shirtless because it would be tacky. Instead, she's in a seductive lingerie set by 5th & Oxford, and I think it suits her willowy figure. Thank you shirtless men! I enjoyed the hell out of this series!

What next? I'm torn between a month of furries and a month of designers featuring their own fashion. Any other ideas?


***Hair: Clawtooth - The Seas Met (Distinguished)
***Hat: Clawtooth - Tea Time Party Hat
***Bra/Panties/Stockings: (5th&Oxford) Little Miss Lingerie *OLIVE*
***Skirt: Paper Couture - Something to Say Skirt (sheer)
***Shoes: (Epoque) Drag Heel - Black Silk Against Naked Skin
***Skin: Fashionably Dead - Custom skin for Bubbles Clawtooth

Alba has pink taste in clothing


Last night I got this Wishbox Midnight Mania dress, and when I tried it on, my daughter came over and approved of the style. "Now put on long hair and glasses and elf ears," she commanded. So here I am, all styled up in magenta and purple by my little girl.

***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Estampie in wine
***Piercings: Mandala female takayama face piercing/black
***Glasses: Lassitude & Ennui pince-nez "steampunk" silver
***Ears: Aitui stretched ears - piggy - small fantasy (50L friday item yay)
***Hair: !lamb Soot - twix
***Skin: &Bean - hounds of love - clammie
***Dress: Wishbox Sprano (Magenta), midnight mania prize

Friday, April 30, 2010

Liek omg


OMG look what I found in my inventory: girl-Acha. She apparently has a lot of pretty stuff, too! Today Acha is in new hair by Bliensen+Maitai, new Zimmy Flats by (Shiny Things), and a new-ish dress by Elate! (Okay, the dress isn't new by now, but I did just unbox it :D ). I admit I'd been taking a break from the fashion feeds lately, but yesterday I read through one of them and was glad I did, because I got to see this new awesome piercing set by Mandala. The box comes with earrings and a facial piercing in many sizes and brightness levels, and I'm grateful to the people who wrote about it for encouraging me to shop. Yay, buying stuff!



***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Zimmy Flats in red
***Bracelet: Mandala Takara bangle/buddha silver bright
***Piercings: Mandala Female*T.Piercing and Takayama face piercing/black
***Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai Not a Princess / Red with flowers
***Skin: &Bean Hounds of Love Light Clammie
***Dress: Elate! Elle Night Dress

I misread that as Metaversally Spanking

Prad Prathivi

Two more people left in this almost-month-long series on shirtless boys, and I'm posting them both today. The first is Mr. Prad Prathivi, whose blog Metaversally Speaking spans many worlds worth of ponder. I've gotten to know him through his bashful little plurks, which tend to bring all the high-powered fashion bloggers to his yard. Perhaps because of his lovely partner Felicity? His blog wins awards and stuff, but it completely lacks shirtlessness -- so here's a post to mitigate that issue.


***Shirt: Zaara - Nalin Summer Shirt (black)
***Pants: Calypso Giano - Stonewash Jeans LiaG
***Hair: Uw.St Ash Hair (Meteoric Swarm)
***Tattoo: Negko Design Tattoo - Phoenix Haka
***Shoes: Damiani - Neo V2
***Eyes: Pixel Mode Brown Eyes

Forgot to take our shirts off, damn

With Avarice Serpente

I have this horrible habit of picking people up for photographs while I'm out shopping. In this case, at /artilleri/, Avarice's tag was "Key Master," so of course I had to point out that I was the Gate Keeper. Anyone who doesn't get this reference hasn't seen the original Ghostbusters, and is probably younger than me. He was very gracious about my joke, so I took a closer look at his avatar… Five minutes later we were both sporting /artilleri's/ brand new pants and Hawaiian shirts, so I kind of invited him back to my photoglobe. It was a total case of friend at first sight! (It happened to me once before in Ingenue. Discerning people shop vintage, I reckon.)


On Avarice:
***Eyes - Poetic Colors - Autumn - Moss
***Skin - The Abyss - Adam Crius_Deep Tan
***Hair - Buried Alive - Sawyer +Blonde+
***Shape - Self-made
***Jeans - Meriken Co. Jeans #103
***Shoes - (Shiny Things) Old Shoes - Black
***Shirt - /artilleri/ Nicke in Hawaii shirt *green*
***Aitui Tattoo - Beautiful & How it Happens
***Ring: Earthstones - Unisex Banded ring - Rainbow
***Bracelets: Rawdolls - Nuthin but Trinkets

On Acha:
***Pants: /artilleri/ Bret pants in navy
***Shirt: /artilleri/ Nicke Hawaii shirt *orange*
***Boots: NC+ Boots 009 Base-Black
***Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel - patch - bodyhair
***Hair: JE*Republic - claudia - light brown
***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears Long
***Monocle: Tekeli-li lovecraftian monocle

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bunny master

Malkavyn Eldritch

"Um, me? Are you sure? I'm not a model or anything," Malkavyn said when I asked him to pose for me. Part of the point of this series is to show the range of boy beauty in Second Life. Granted, it's really tough to find someone normal-looking enough to have a gut and back hair, but I think I've shown at least some of the possibilities available to male avatars in this realm… Including this possibility, which is "too goddamned busy to screw with my avatar." Malkavyn is one of the masterminds behind Ozimals (along with his partner Candy Cerveau), and is always busy with bunny business nowadays. I knew him first as an eye-maker, and that aspect of his avatar is always very striking.


***Shoes: (Shiny Things) - Murphy Shoes
***Hair: Truth - Zach hair
***Pants: Zaara - Classic Jeans
***Eyes: malContent - Flecks - Hazel by Malkavyn
***Skin: -DC- Cole Chestnut - Lined Eyes I think

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoot me

Faina Cortes

I love this woman so much. When she mentioned that she had a pretty boy alt that I could photograph, I wasn't sure what to expect…and then she showed up with gun tattoos on her arms. "What else should I wear?" She asked me. "Well, guns, of course!"

Faina Cortes is an amazing visual artist who always challenges my assumptions about gender and sexuality. Her in-world and real-life art shows women revelling in and mocking sexuality both at once, graphic and gorgeous and … uh, glistening. When I saw her first art installation it blew my mind, and you can see some of her work here on her Flickr stream.

She continues to challenge my assumptions here in these photos… Such a pretty boy with such big guns!


***Eyes : <<< np >>>/ Glass eyes - Ghost
***Hair : no.07 :: /Hair :: Street Glam - Black D
***Belt: Fet!sh /- Grenadier Belt - Red
***Pants : AMERIE /M - Loose pants_Black
***Socks: Emery /- Socks Orchid Club #Black
***Boots : / [Black]Grunge_Boots
***Tattoo : *BOOM* /Gun Show

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They clothed him then in elven-white

Vasean Talamasca

This guy is kind of legendary. Back when I began Second Life, I heard tales of an elf who posted beautiful photographs in Flickr. I went in search of his Flickr stream and stared and stared… It was so much more than what I was doing, which was standing around in Linden AO and pixel-hair. It showed me how rich and interesting Second Life could be… And now that I've met him, I'll have to say that Vasean is also extremely nice, without a diva bone in his elf body! I also admit that my favorite parts of his avatar are -- his eyes.


***Skin : Adam Crius_Origin - Abyss
***Hair: Robin Meteoric swarm - UncleWeb
***Eyes: Fairy Eyes - negaposi
***Tattoo: teeth 2.0 tattoo
***Jewelry : [MANDALA]TAKAYAMA2 necklace/male/Turquoise/with shadow/chest
***Ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears, Plug w/ rings
***Jeans: ::LikeA:: DENIM BLACK 301std/::LikeA:: Skirt(M) 301BK-05
***Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Flat Bare Feet Male

Monday, April 26, 2010

My hands stayed above her waist!

Laika SaintLouis

"Nice to meet you, Laika," I said. "I don't think I've met you in-world before."

"We've met." He said. "You were dancing with my girlfriend."

"Oh, um, I was?" I replied guiltily. I didn't remember at all. "Was I female or male?"

Turns out I'd danced with his gorgeous partner at the SCD Prom. Oops. My intentions were honorable, Laika, really!

He consented to pose for me anyway, and I like the result. He looks very relaxed and realistic and individualistic, and the number of guys in glasses on this blog is growing…


***Glasses: Cheap Makeup - Friedlander Glasses
***Skin: Den-Dou - Eito Pale/Stubble
***Body hair: [CheerNo] Teseu
***Hair: PE - Harrison Dark Ash (modified)
***Pants: Armidi Limited (Male/Skinny) A001
***Shoes: Picnic panu shoes (charcoal brown)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ceiling Express is watching you...

Express Zenovka

I had a long inner battle over this post. Express thinks that I've forgotten the base treachery of my humiliating defeat at his hands, but oh no -- my memory is long. And then here he was, in my hands! I admit that I pondered photoshopping him onto something really really weird… but in the end, I rose above and decided to let sleeping blogger challenges lie. Here's Express, looking geeky and adorkable in his prim feet (with manicured toes) and glasses. Thanks for trusting me, Express! Turns out I'm trustworthy after all. :D


***skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan 0 (Bald)
***hair: >TRUTH< Hank - night
***jeans: Zaara - Classic Jeans *Indigo*
***glasses: ROLE OPTIC SG-56 Arcadi
***necklace: Hematite Tooth & Black&White Necklaces - The Golden Fleece
***tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - Fool of Fowles /worn/
***bracelet: A&C LONGBOW Bracelet Birdeye Black Leather
***feet: SLink Jolie Pied for Men Low