Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Madam Ornitz

These outfit elements are from the ALT Fair, y'all

The ALT FAIR has begun. I know this because I got a notecard to that effect…or at least I think I did. In fact, I've got to excerpt from the notecard because I can't read Cajunweegian, and perhaps y'all can help me decipher this'un:

I'm Chronus Ranger, born and raised in da Bayou lands of Louisiana, and I'm da sim manager of Pulse and Sn@tch city. I'm here today to talk to y'all 'bout a great thang we gone do down here on da Pulse, Nomine, Sn@tch City and New Kadath Sims April 22-May 2, is da first Annual SL Alternative Fair featuring over 50 designers in Punk, Rock, Gothic, Grunge, Lolli, Visual Kei, Cyberwear and many other styles of da Alternative Clothin', Skins, Hair and Accessories.


It goes on to say that:

We decided on da darkest, dirtiest and fun place to be for our theme, the Louisiana Bayou. Seedy, swampy n sultry. Fireflies, crawdads, gators and yes da best booze, friendliest people and funkiest music in da US. We've filled da fair with swamp shacks and built a really exciting n colorful area to shop and meet up while still keeping as low lag as we can by using da Linden plants and da limited texture palette.


The event is in honor of noble things:

World Malaria Day is April 25th and In partnership with the Nothing But Nets Campaign we hope to raise a lot of money for our Charity Team and raise lots of awareness and interest for da often overlooked Alternative Clothing, Accessory, Hair and Skin designers in Second Life, WHEA!

I can't say it better than that, nor more Cajunly.

SLURLS to the ALT FAIR: Pulse, Sn@tch City, Nomine, New Kadith


***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes by LL - fairy - wolf gr dark
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Abel - purple
***Tattoo: HUZ Ugra Faded
***Boots: G*Field short lace-up boots in lavender, group gift
***Wings: Ondine Wings in Sunset, Sea, Black -- ALT fair item
***Choker: Lolapop! Bitten Choker -- ALT fair item
***Ears: SLink Sachara Ears with Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystals - long
***Skins: Frick Alt Fair skins, Alt Geisha Frill skins in Cream and Scroll skins n Cream -- ALT fair item
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Alt Fair Mourn Dress LE and (Ash) Batty Sweater for the Alt Fair -- ALT fair item
***Poses: by Lotta

But was he Tactful?

Tact Arida

I admire the pants off this male blogger. I also know that he is Japanese, and it's possible that the idiom I just used will translate really weirdly, so I assure Arida-san that I don't actually want his pants off. (Much.) His blog is over here, and his style is marked by an ever-changing yet coherent look. He also takes fabulously evocative in-world photographs, and I also stalk his Flickr stream, just to be redundant. Thank you for posing for me, Tact! (Four posts left in this series, with a Very Special Guest-Star at the end.)


***Skin: [CheerNo]Wady_Tan/FULLBEARD.Shaved/Eyeliner
***Eyes: MADesigns EYES_AUTUMN twilight - cave
***Hair: CheerNo - Hair MORAN [Surreal]
***Pierce: MANDALA - Face Pierce -Purple-
***Scarf: Maitreya- Circle Scarf Knit - Black
***Pants: CheerNo - DRAVEN shorts/black
***Boots: Docs -8 Hole - M - BLACK

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crows in snow

Rodriguez Munro

A friend asked me today how much longer this series is going on. My answer: five more posts, and I already have the models lined up. So take heart, people who don't prefer shirtless boys! Why did I do this series? Well… I got sick of photographing myself, and while staring at the feeds one day realized that there were too many shirtless women and not enough shirtless men. My series was an attempt to rectify that situation, turning the lens of objectification upon men for a change.

This man…I didn't allow into my skybox. Why? Because it was full of Rodriguez Munro's art, and I didn't want him to think that I was a crazy stalker. *cough.* His photography is about darkness and light and birds and Second Life and Real Life in a way that turns on my imagination; go see his photostream in Flickr for a taste of it. I also love the symmetry of his Avatar's tattoos. For some reason, it suits him perfectly, and in fact I love his entire beatnik-gone-elven look.


***skin* [CheerNo] Teseu_Tan_Beard#1.Shaved
***tattoo* Tattoo Human Code_(faded)_GoK 2
***hair and hat* Gritty Kitty: MONO Jack
***eyes* np Glass eyes - Raven
***piercings* <-Puncture-> Satiated Facial Piercing Set 1
***ears* SLink Sachara Elf Ears Pointy
***cigarette* (NS) Cigg- White animation
***beard* -dD- Beards - Leon (Jet)
***necklaces* *ARAI* necklace_maru*Jetcity* necklace
***jacket* *Fishy Strawberry* Waist Jacket
***cuffs* *ARAI* Bangle_001 *ARAI* Bangle_002
***left hand* ~Scribble~ Remember Ribbon Black 01
***jeans* *Valiant* jeanity jeans grey blue
***Boots* Kboots-black

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stripped and simple

Ashton Reikaz

I am running out of men on my friend list! I poked Aris and said, "Um hey. Know any boys that might want to photo for me?" …Of course Aris knows a few boys, and soon this one fell into my evil clutches. His name is Ashton, and he's very cute. Once he got onto my poseball, more men started popping into my globe. First Aris and Riot core, and then Vo and Lucius too. So I made them all remove their shirts and pose, of course. Fun times. I'm never going to end this series, ever. Thanks for the pretty, clean and simple styling, Ashton!


***Skin: [ DNA ] .::.:LEGACY:.::. [_TYPE 2A_]
***Eyes: Hermony - MP Eyes - Moon
***Hair: Anaphora - Phil (Darkwood)
***Jeans: Armidi Limited - Lowrise Jeans Original
***Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Monday, April 19, 2010

Take your Vitamen

Vitamen Hax

Hax-san has to be one of the sweetest designers in Second Life. He spends his time carefully creating underpants for boys with elaborately detailed shading. Whenever he interacts with me, he is unfailingly kind. He is also Japanese in real life, one of the bevy of talented Japanese creators that floors me with their creativity and sweetness. "You would like me to take off shirt? Okay, no problem. How about pants? I take off pants too?" Okay, it's hard not to flood this post with praise, so I'm just going to let you stare at him. (Vitamen's lovely website is here.)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

A boy named Bunny

Mr. Brickworks

I met Bunny by accident, and I've kind of forgotten how. Perhaps I was fangirling her Flickr account via a tip from a friend, or perhaps I stalked her in-world after seeing a particularly evocative yaoi photo shoot… Eventually she friended me and taught me an awesome thing or two about photography. (Camera angles! High resolution!) Bunny is rarely the passive one in a photo shoot, so it was kind of fun to stick her in my box and tell her to hold still. We had a small conversation about boy bodies while she was there… "I think the V is the sexiest part of a man," Bunny said, refering to the sexy angle of muscle between the two hipbones. A yaoi-writing friend of mine loves to write scenes where those hipbones get bitten. I contend that it's the collarbone, or the small of the back (or, okay, the fingers). In this case, I'd kinda…pick all three for Mr. Brickworks here.


***Hair: Uw.St - Jeff Hair - angel shine
***Skin: [-B-] Femboy / Fair / #o1
***Eyes: deviousEyes - ice blue
***Glasses: ::Solar Eyewear:: Glasses :: ARAE
***Cigarette: FNKY! - Cigarette II
***Pants: !ZB: Gym Fleece Pants (black)
***Shoes: UBU - PornStar Slip-ons