Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kia ora!

Hunain Bellic

Hunain is today's shirtless fellow for Shirtless Man Week. (Catch the rest of them here!) He dropped into my photoglobe sporting his new, excellent 2.0 facial tattoos. "Do you use 2.0?" Hunain asked. I said I don't -- I find it tough enough to photo in the current browser, especially with water and sky bugs, and I fear what 2.0 will do to me. However, I totally love his Maori-esque facial tattoos enough to try the viewer out. Oh and he's also very pretty in his jacket sans shirt.


***Jacket - AOHARU_BT_LeatherTailoredJK_Black
***Jeans - Aitui - Tokyo Jeans - Ultra Low Rise - Dark Wash
***Underpants - Vitamen - Jockstrap_BatBlack_01
***Necklace - +ROZOREGALIA+*Archelon*NECKLACE[shadow]Spine
***Hair - Uw.St Serafim-Hair type-B size-S black
***Skin - Vintage
***Face & Body Tattoo - [HUZ]-Hunapo-SL2 Tattoo
***Eyes - Aitui - Mirage Eyes - Emerald Hills - Veins
***Shoes - AKEYO_chuck-Lowtops

Friday, April 9, 2010

Good manners get you everywhere

Dimitri Rizooto

Sanura Snowpaw suggested this fella for my next shirtless boy. "There are three men in SL who I think of as completely awesome." She named the first two, one of whom I've already written about this week, and then this one. "These three don't tell me how smart or pretty or whatever I am and I can have a real actual conversation with them," she said. What, brains? That's enough of a recommendation for me.

Dimitri showed up and asked if I knew his occupation. "I'm a dancer at Sixx Pack," he mentioned. He was kind enough to remove his shirt, and then he called me ma'am, which won over the dom proper Southern lady in me. Good manners get you everywhere, gentlemen!


***Skin - Capone - 007
***Jeans - Runaways - WMD
***Tattoo - Rage - Aitui
***Hat/Hair - Baseball Cap/back Shaggy Dark Brown - Argrace
***Sunglasses - Recon - Role Optic

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Roblem likes Sn@tch

Roblem Hogarth

Ok so sometimes I love my fake SL job. Today's shirtless man is Roblem Hogarth. I sent Ivey a polite message this morning that begged: "*cough* pardon me, do you mind pimping out Roblem for my shirtless man series?" Ivey was incredibly gracious, and not only lent us Roblem to stare at, but styled him up as well.

I do admire dark-haired boys. Aside from the happy trail on that Nomine skin, his tattoo especially caught my eye. The three of us discussed the symbolism behind those guns and where they're pointing. "You should've seen the eyeroll when I handed him that tattoo," Ivey chuckled. (SLURL to Sn@tch)


***Cuffs: :::Sn@tch Dirty Biker Cuffs (Black):::
***Pants: ::Sn@tch Engineer Jeans (Black):::
***Tattoo: :::Sn@tch Revolver Tattoo:::
***Boots: !ReTox! Studded Boots (Blood & Rust
***Hair: Hair is Calico-Talon (Reddened Midnight)
***Skin: Skin is Nomine-Sylvan China White

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vo in Cheerno

Vo Pralou

Shirtless boy week continues with these photos of the new Cheerno skins (named Wady, left, and Teseu, right), adorning Mr. Pralou here. I like how Asian his shape looks. I grew up surrounded by whip-thin Hawaiian boys on the Big Island, and my internal version of reality very often has Asian bodies being 'normal' and everything else as 'bigger-than-normal.' I mention this because I'm certain other people might find his avvie super-thin, but I'd like to raise the idea that body norms are actually cultural.

Anyway, the thick brows are definitely a Cheerno standard by now, and Vo pulls them off with a delicate nose and pouty little mouth. I admit that I zoomed way in on the nipples and stared through the objectifying lense of my SL camera… boy those are realistic lookin', complete with "I'm cold" bumps. Wonder who my shirtless boy will be tomorrow? (SLURL to Cheerno)


***Pants: {MV} I don't live in the U.K Jeans (not yet released)
***Boots: Coco Black ankle boots (not for gift)
***Skin 1: [CheerNo] Teseu_Pale_Base.Shaved
***Skin 2: [CheerNo]Wady_Light/MK#5.Shaved
***Hair 1: [LeLutka]-ISHA hair - Powder
***Hair 2: [CheerNo] Hair TESEU [Surreal]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Winter in underpants

Winter Jefferson

I'm continuing the shirtless-man theme in my blog today with Mr. Jefferson here. He got talked out of his clothing to show off his new underpants from Zaara… I love that I asked for Winter to strip and his outfit credits are still longer than mine usually are. He also showed up with a perfect red manicure. What a vamp! Zaara's underwear are as well-made as the rest of her clothing, and I particularly like the, well, the shading, on the…you know. Bumpy parts. (SLURL to Zaara.)

I'm kind of liking this theme. Who's next? :D


***Boxers: Zaara - Deven Boxers in red and black
***Skin: Belleza - Thomas skin in 2-E
***Hair: Dernier Cri - Julie II hair
***Tattoo: Silent Sparrow - Fledermaus Tattoos
***Eyes: Fusemelon - Kashmir Eyes
***Necklace: The Golden Fleece - Opal Necklace
***Jewelry: FNKY! - Black Cuff
***Toofs: Fangs What Winter Growed Himself
***Ring: Earthstones - The Lord's Ring

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cosimo Goth skins from MiaSnow

Lucius Godard in MiaSnow

MiaSnow's new COSIMO goth skins suited my bro here better than they did me, so he won the job of modeling for me today. I dig Luc's style -- he has minimalism down to a science, including the Lennon-esque prim feet instead of shoes. MiaSnow's skins are as manly as always while yet having cool makeup. I love the wash of color around the eyes as well as the sixpack. Maybe I'll punch Luc repeatedly in the stomach to see if my fist bounces back. (SLURL to MiaSnow)



***tattoo: dismorph (a gift, not sure its out)
***jeans: doppelganger, everyday jeans, bold blue
***eyes: madesign naturals, true blue small
***prim feet: slink jolie flat bare fin
***hair: hugo, hair type b large
***Skins: MiaSnow Skins - COSIMO goth 1, 2, 3, and 4

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introducing {MV}


Before anyone hollers at me, these poses are all by the super-awesome Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose. They can be found at the LAP booth at the pose fair, and they're the Model Boy Poses. I loves them long time. Make more already, Dove, K? K. (SLURL to Pose Fair.)

I'm waving at you sleepily from my Easter-brunch-induced coma. Instead of napping like I shoulda, I photographed clothing from {MV}, a new shop that's going to open up tomorrow at this location. I'm pretty sure that some of these items are meant for girls, but they're made by Vo Pralou and Millan Parx, so I bet they're actually just deeply metrosexual. How was your Easter, everyone? In honor of Easter, I hope to lure a certain infamous boy blogger into his skivvies, later on, to photo him for these pages. And I'll let the speculation begin… (SLURL to {MV})



***Poses: Model Boy Poses by Long Awkward Pose
***Tattoo: HUZ Amnesia for him
***Boots: Shop Sey Layer's Boots Corduroy
***Hair: booN EDI998 hair sandy
***Skin: Den-dou eito dark /02 stubble
***Pants: {MV} Gradient Jeans
***Shirt: {MV} Set plaid shirt
***More Pants: {MV} Lace Jeans Black
***More Shirts: {MV} Loose collar tee (gray)
***Even more shirts: {MV} denim button-down
***Even more pants: {MV} dotted jeans