Saturday, March 13, 2010

Post number 1,334


It feels like a lot has happened in the scant week since I blogged last. A week ago I decided to take a break. It happened to fall upon my RL Spring break, oddly enough! Real Life ate the week greedily like so much happy candy, and spit me out at the end of it faced with a connundrum: what to write about in my first post back?

It's been a week of growth, inside and out. Thanks to Luc and Loafy and Azazeal and hyasynth for sitting through it with me and carefully putting me feet-side-down whenever I landed on my back. Also thanks to the Atlanta air traffic control tower for a three-hour navel gaze on the tarmac while they got their radio silence unsilenced. That was useful! Okay it wasn't useful at all, but it did make me realize something important: Air travel beats covered wagons, no matter how long the wait.

So what did I do on hiatus? I went to Ohio and back. I pondered the question Why do we do what we do? And I stuck all the review items people have given me into a folder labeled IMPORTANT OK, and will get to that as soon as possible. Cheers, everyone! Didja miss me?

Oh and I've been a vintage bitch all week long, which is why this is my outfit today.


***Eyes: Endeavor twinkle eyes L 09
***Hair: Ingenue sex kitten in Noir Black
***Nails: Miasnow nails - lolli black
***Earrings: Flipside tunnel ear set 1
***Shirt: SLink Button Down Dress Shirt in black
***Heels: SLink Winkle Heels (were 50L friday shoes)
***Skin: Ugly Duck Chani - cateyes blacklips bindi
***Skirt: Artilleri Tiffany skirt *brown*