Saturday, February 27, 2010

My vanilla latte is a little sour


It's funny how Second Life goes. One night, clad only in my underpants, I met a friend of a friend, who then encouraged another friend to send me some skins. The friend-of-friend-of-friend is Lachlan Causten, and his shop is Bunny B. I fell for his Fumie skin pretty much immediately. He sent a number of makeup options, and I've presented six here. I like best about his skins that they look unabashedly, undeniably asian without trying to be any sort of asian celebrity. The freckles are adorable (my mom is an asian woman with freckles!), and the epicanthic folds above the eyes are nicely drawn. (SLURL to Bunny B)

I'm also wearing a new frock from Nymphetamine. The bodice is a laced, brocaded, gothic fantasy. My favorite part of the dress is the bowed tail, falling above the thick dark skirts. (SLURL to Nymphetamine)


skin07 skin06

skin05 skin02

skin03 skin01

***Eyes: BettiePage* sept2008 eyes/black
***Jewelry: Studio Sidhe bone and silver engraved choker
***Finger tape: Sinistyle
***Skins: Bunny B Fumie - tone01 - m.3, m.5, m.9, m.10, m.15, m.21, m.23, m.29
***Shoes: Ingenue Freynii in noir (not that you can see them)
***Dress: Nymphetamine La Roche Formal Dress in black
***Hair: Wild O hair 2010 2 D brown

McQueen 08

Amyla Wakowski (in the alternate male guise of Korben Ulrik)

Amyla says:

As I scanned through the current looks for men on McQueen's shop website, I noted the trends: snugly fit tops and jackets, loose jeans or trousers rolled at the hem, colors within a white/gray/blue pallete (from pale blue to dark navy). I traveled to a variety of shops seeking out the elements for my own McQueen-inspired ensemble, but found myself falling back on favorite brands when it came time to pay and dress.

I chose this many-buttoned coat from Schadenfreude, the NosferCoat, worn here as the shorter version without trenchy bits. The ascot and shirt beneath are both from Pig. The Burt jeans from artilleri were my first thought when looking at all the rolled-up pants on the McQueen shop site, although I didn't roll my hems quite up to high-water status, perhaps! The short workboots are from HOC Industries (House of Curios). I shopped and shopped looking for a ring, thinking perhaps I'd look for a skull ring similar to the one in McQueen's women's collection, but finally settled on something a bit more delicate and in line with my own sensibilities, the Auberon Ring from EarthStones.


***Skin: Nomine (Noam Skin Ultralight - clean (ld)) *preview version*
***Hair: Gritty Kitty (Abel - rusty)
***Eyes: Chai (Allure - Sage 2)
***Ascot: Pig (Fancy Ascot - Fancy Ring Green)
***Shirt: Pig (Ordinary Boy Shirt - Grey)
***Jacket: Schadenfreude (NosferCoat - Midnight)
***Jeans: artilleri (Burt jeans - dark blue)
***Shoes: HOC Industries (Skoochers)
***Ring: EarthStones (Auberon Ring - Bronze)

Friday, February 26, 2010

McQueen 07

Aisuru Reiko

Aisuru writes:

I wanted to use my tribute to express an idea of patterns that work together even if they seem as if they don't. I wanted to wear his famous hoof boots and the color red. To put those things together in a modern, interesting way. RIP Alexander McQueen.


***Skin: Leafy, Miso Lune, Scarlet
***Hair: Penumbra, Raz black
***Jacket: Luster, Frida jacket
***Corset: Schadenfreude, Red Elephant corset
***Leggings: MichaMi, Pia leggings
***Shoes: O! Bleak, GaGa black snake heels
***Sunglasses: Epoque, Oversized shades
***Rose: Sweetaholic

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let your love cover me


Look at hyasynth Tiramisu, all elegantly blue. I noticed tonight that she's in an outfit happy-place. All of the stuff she's wearing is from people that she loves, and it makes her look comfortable and hya-esque. Isn't it interesting how wearing stuff from your friends can make you feel hugged, sometimes? Like they've created a nicely-3D-rendered way to love on you. It kind of makes me want to make something for the people I love to wear, but nobody wants to wear a one-prim box on their hand, so I'll wrap you all up in warm words instead. Get some hugs, everyone. Now go snuggle something soft!


***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ unreleased tattoos
***Shirt: ~silentsparrow~ (azure) Datura shirt
***Bloomers: ~silentsparrow~ (azure) Datura bloomers
***Skirt 1: ~silentsparrow~ (azure) fleur* hip skirt
***Skirt 2: ~silentsparrow~ (azure) fleur* long skirt
***Ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears, Ankh & Plug
***Skin: Schadenfreude Skin - Langwidere Dawn Audrey
***Bra: Schadenfreude Vert Cirque Bra, shirt
***Necklace: Schadenfreude Vitalle Necklace
***Hair: Schadenfreude Hair - Lethe
***Bracelet: Schadenfreude Bracelet - Avian Bracelet (unreleased)
***Scarf - Scribble/Cool Stripes Scarf/Small Buttons
***Eyes - Poetic Colors by LL - fairy eyes - frog king bright
***Boots ~ First Flower ~ Valerian Boots Midnight Blue
***Bracelet ~ broken ~ coffin bracelet
***Tail-Gritty Kitty: WHITE Fawnication Tail (stomach)
***Horns - *~*Illusions*~* Mini Capra Cylindricornus Horns

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of course I've had it in the ear before


MiaSnow has definitely found an underdeveloped niche in Second Life with this skin release. The skins are not for young men, they're for older men who still kick some ass -- as a few friends said, Iggy Pop comes to mind. The top picture is Miasnow's Jake 4 - Aging Rockstar - Soulpatch, and the bottom three are of Jake 2 - Fight, Jake 3 - Goatee, and Jake 4 - aging rockstar day look. I really like the drippy guyliner and hairline goatee of the above skin, and the way his abs still look ripped even if he's a li'l wrinkly. I deny my older guy kink. (SLURL to MiaSnow)


McQueen 06

Belochka Shostakovich

Belochka writes:

There are many iconic designs that have the ability to create their own personal memory niche, even if you would not describe yourself a fashion-follower.

One which has its niche in my head was the costume created for Bjork's Homogenic album. The marriage of image and music is one that holds a phenomenal power. I cannot do justice as to why, over so many of Mr. McQueen's creations, this one maintains a special place but it does very strongly with me.

I love and am grateful for the imagination, talent and passion that made such things possible. Also, for the chance to put together a personal homage from designers whose work I admire and appreciate greatly in SL. Thank you.



***Skin: LF Chai - Ginger - Buki Lip2 (Old group gift)
***Shape: My own
***Prim Lashes: Mayamaya Creations - Eyelashes3 Volume-type-cute
***Eyes: Kaguya* Moon eyes (Old Picks reward)
***Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lulu - Silver
***Posture collar: HatMechanic - From the Maus set
***Top 1: Silent Sparrow - Helena swimsuit strapless top in Brass
***Top 2: Trap - Ghost Hakama Bandage
***Pants: Trap - Ghost Hakama
***Gloves: Trap - Fuzz Gloves White

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pull those laces tighter, Loafy!


Here is a quick look of the day, sandwiched between McQueen posts. I quite adore my new prim corset from ~silentsparrow~. It's beautifully textured and sculpted, and frees up a jacket layer for anything I might want to put beneath, including a jacket-layer shrug. I'm wearing it with two other new things -- this tiny bum-ruffle of a skirt from the same maker, and a new skin from Ugly Duck. This skin is Fade's darkest female skin, and everything about it is nicely done, including the all-too-realistic boobs. (I had a small discussion with her about that. "Hey, those look like my IRL boobs!" "Yeah, everybody says that to me.") (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~) (SLURL to Ugly Duck)


***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Achariya Orange
***Skin: Ugly Duck Rachel - Duck Lips - Moles
***Corset: ~silentsparrow~ (sun) brocade petit a petit underbust corset
***Skirt: ~silentsparrow~ (brassheart) kurai tart skirt
***Hair: Winter.Jennifer in cranky brown
***Ears: SLink Sachara elf ears long chains & rings
***Boots: ~First Flower~ witch-hazel II - rust
***Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ (creme) shruggie top
***Stockings: ~silentsparrow~ (creme) nephilim stockings
***Pasties: ~silentsparrow~ old hunt item, vintage!
***Necklace: HUZ rosary neck tattoo
***Tape: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & black nails

McQueen 05

Ersatz Charisma

Ersatz writes:

Clothing is a basic human need - we use it for shelter, warmth and modesty. But in the right hands textiles can surpass this simple function, and Lee Alexander McQueen was the master of fusing fashion with art. He wove magic with fabric; seeing a spirit in it that no one else did. His work was often controversial and sometimes deemed unwearable, but it was never dull. The recent news has been heartbreaking for many reasons - of course the reality that a bright young life has been cut short, but also the fact that I'm sure that he had so, so much more to teach us.

McQueen had many signature looks, from lushly draped romanticism to right through to strictly architectural and structured couture. For my ensemble for Achariya's homage series I've taken aspects from several of his design elements, one of my favourites was his skewed and dramatic take on daywear. So I've taken pieces from some of my favourite SL design houses who remind me of the McQueen aesthetic, and found something that I'd wear to the Royal Ascot races in his honour.



On Ersatz:
LeLutKa - Guile hat and Eclat Umber skin
Baiastice - Amantide Blouse
GLOW Studio - DeLyn Allstars earrings
Luck Ink - Wide Leather Belt
Coco - Pencil Skirt
Mentine - Ankle Boots
alaMood - Silver Bandara disco ring
Fusemelon - Blackcurrent eyes

Monday, February 22, 2010

McQueen 04

Sileny Noel

This week's research on McQueen brought me to the term Spielraum, a German word that means "free scope." In my graduate studies, I've often pondered that the best philosophical ideas come from the meeting of two disciplines or worlds, and McQueen's fashion exhibits his fascination with providing an elaborate story with his clothing. Fashion shows are designers' chances to contextualize their clothing, and McQueen's contexts were always otherworldly, or metaworldly. Today Sileny was inspired by his use of color, delving into a menswear look to explore the liminal area between genders.

Second Life provides designers with the same Spielraum, and it also needs the same contextualization. A good shop on a cinematic sim sets the scene for a fashion line. A designer with an active group creates a culture based around the clothing. Flickr streams help people feel involved in the designer's creative imagination, and events (such as dances or parties) give people a reason to dress up. These, to me, are the basic elements that make a fashion line in SL vibrant with an active customer base... In the real world, is fashion much different?



***Hat by Yellow Jester
***Skin by Lara Skin
***Hair by Maitreya
***Pants by Cupcakes
***Shoes by Kookie
***Red/black dress by Nyte and Day
***Jacket by Nyte and Day
***Plaid top by !Ohmai

Sunday, February 21, 2010

McQueen 03

Kaira Coronet

Kaira Coronet says:

I've always loved fashion, but Alexander McQueen's stuff seemed to stick out to me more than any other designer. His ideas and designs were so unique -- they also had that very goth-esque feel to them which I wish I could see more often in high fashion.

One of my favorite pieces by him is a pair of heels. They're nothing super crazy at first glance, but when you look closer, the attention to detail is amazing. They have little zippers lining them everywhere, and tiny little skulls

I guess, ultimately, the reason I've always loved his stuff is the slight dark side it all had. I'm a girl that has tattoos and loves grunge and goth-y stuff, but it never really gets showcased in high fashion as much as I would like.



Kaira Coronet outfit notes:
***Shoes: *kookie* Athena - Black
***Gloves: Kyoot Army - Ilia Buckled Gloves (part of the Ilia Cowl Neck Hood set)
***Shirt/pants: Kyoot Army - Straight Jacket Surrealist
***Skin: Tres Blah - Hiccup Pale Skin - Swoon(from designers united)
***Hair: Lamb - witch - Snickers
***Skirt Prim: Nylon Outfitters - Inner Ballerina

McQueen 02

Hunain Bellic of HUZ tattoos

Rolled-up pants and a blazer, a tie and a pair of carefully crafted gloves, porn-star glasses and blood-splattered sneakers. Hunain spent hours crafting an outfit yesterday to find just the right way to express his own appreciation for Alexander McQueen's menswear. The point of my series is to allow people to make their personal homages to McQueen's work, and I think that Hunain really got the balance that made McQueen's menswear great -- intelligence mixed with cheek, elegance mixed with the casual. Love it or hate it, this is the second post in my small series.



***Glasses: Kalnins - Half Shutter glasses
***Jacket: Emery - Blazer suit
***Shirt: Savvy avvy - Alfie suit - Deluxe shirt / tie
***Skin: Vintage - Egyptian M7 Male Skin
***Gloves: Cheerno - BRILLIANT Gloves Black
***Shoes: HOC Apparel - Hocs Bloody Lowtops
***Jeans: Maitreya BF Jeans - #05
***Hat: Cheerno - Jamiro Beret Cap
***Hair: MaDesigns Hair - James